Thursday, August 27, 2009

been dreading this day

Eva's first day of first grade is coming up.
Makes me think about little Eva Bean.
Makes me think about the little girl that she is.
These photos are from her last dance class in the spring. Lost the photos because the card crashed. Used a company called Stellar photo to recover them. Didn't get them all back but I got enough. It was worth the money just to see Eva with her tongue sticking out all focusing on her little ballerina form.
She got sick of dancing last year. But it was mostly that she was sick of wearing that too little lavender leotard. Wasn't going to sign her up for this year. But she changed her mind at the last minute. And we ordered her leotard 2 sizes bigger.
That photo in the middle? Karl took that one of her. They were at the beach in Chicago. Eva saw a bug and so she didn't want to stand on the sand. She stayed on the towel. I think she is so smart.
One night I went into peek into Eva's room and I saw this tent. She built it to sleep in.
So, looks like our circus has a couple more acts.
Eva set up a tea party complete with centerpieces and graham crackers. Then she got bored with it and chose to watch TV. I think the anticipation was the best part.
Sometimes in the morning, when I don't hear fighting, I can find the kids doing this. Eva is reading to Samuel. It makes me happy.
This picture makes me happy, too.
Eva will come up to me and ask for string, or paper, or ask me to cut something or get something for her. It is so funny to see what she ends up with.

Oh, Eva.
So, now your off to a full day of school. I am afraid of the first grade homework, papers to sign and hope I don't lose, gross school lunch, and getting you off to the bus one time. But, for some reason, I know you are going to handle all of it just fine.
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Adri said...

Eva and Evelyn must be pretty close in age. It was weird to me to have Evie gone all day long. Eva is so cute and she seems like such a sweet little girl.

Dianne and Sean said...

Such fun pictures of Eva. They grow up way too fast. I sent Ali off to high school this week, and she seems to be handling things just fine. Me, on the other hand...

Jensen family said...

Wow, how scary and exciting for you all at the same time. You will be a great first grade mom and Eva will be a wonderful first grader, yucky school lunch n' all!

Lindsay said...

I love the ballet pictures, definitely worth saving. Sending kids to first grade is harder for me even than kindergarten because it is ALL DAY. It just feels so weird. I bet Eva will love it though. :) Good luck!

Michelle said...

That girl is flexible!!! Wow. My favorite is the picture of her reading to Samuel. Those moments are so rewarding for a mother. I hope Eva loves first grade.

Abbigail said...

incredible. Kitty cannot flex like that. I love that little one. She is going to rock the first grade. I have already sent my three year old to all day school, so Eva can handle it. You will love having a little more time to yourself and time with just Sam. She is so cute.....

five-one-and-a-half said...

I hear ya, I don't know why but 1st grade seems like such a huge leap from K. She's in the big leagues now!

Amy said...

That Eva -- what a beauty! I'm so jealous of her natural permanent eye-liner look. Are you loving the full day of school schedule yet? Eva seems so graceful in those dance photos. I'm glad she decided to give it another go.


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