Monday, August 24, 2009

been bbq-ing

Recent events have got me thinking about this little guy...
...and how much we love him and his sweet sweet personality.
He is my nephew and this is how excited he was when started splashing his cousins with water.
My brother was in town so we got together at my parent's house for a bbq.
This is how he looks when his nephew gets on the balcony and pours water on him.
You know how I have this thing for food? I think it isn't my fault. I think I was raised that way.
When it comes to food, they go all out. The bbq is always charcoal. No shortcuts. And new this year is my brothers smoker. He has made some amazing stuff. This night was smoked ribs.
My mom made these. As we were setting up, I noticed that as each of us walked by her pan of meat, we each stole a piece or five. Just couldn't resist.
I know that the last think my family wants is a picture of them with their mouths full posted on the internet. But for how many giggles I have had just by looking at this picture of my dad, I thought I needed to share.
See that boy scout / lawn jockey-esque bandana around his neck? That has been his kick this summer. Keeps him cool, he says. Maybe it is a dad's job to do "practical" things like this. Maybe it is a kid's job to giggle every time she sees it.
This is also such a real glimpse at my life.
Chopsticks, rice, Japanese potato salad (trust me, it is different than American), lettuce wraps
all with the
Smoked ribs, roasted corn, grilled veggies, garden tomatoes...

The best of both worlds.
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amelia and crew said...

I just did a double-take. Did you seriously blog at 2 in the morning? Also, those lettuce wraps look heavenly...

Adri said...

That looks like a yummy dinner! You always have the yummiest food.

Abbigail said...

Yummy!!!!!!! That looks like the best BBQ ever!!!!!!
I love the photo of your brother. Adorable all of them. Your mom cooks the best food. She needs to make a recipe book now she is retired!

Malea said...

2 am, best time to blog. I like your dad too. I like their dining room, the tabe set up, the food. And I like how they raised my friend.

Lindsay said...

I wish I was in your family. :) At least at dinner time. I love the picture of your dad with his neck bandana, and I love what you wrote about are so funny, Christina!

Heath'e' said...


Hyeyoung said...

I love eating when my family gets together. I'm sure I'd also love eating with your family, too. And yes, your dad's bandana is pretty cute and hilarious.

Amy said...

Cute nephew! And, I love that your brother has a smoker - yummy! Yes, I think it is the job of dads to be practical in goofy ways and the kids to giggle. That bandanna thing is exactly the sort of thing Brian's dad is always doing (that makes us smile). We won't ever seem that way to our kids will we?


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