Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Samuel does not like his hair long.  Hates it.  Was telling me every day that he hates it.  
So, like a good mom, I told my kids they could get their hair cut.  
Like a good mom, I milked the haircut for every thing I could.
Since they wanted it so bad, I got them to clean their rooms, pick up their toys around the house, be good while we visited a friend, etc. 
So, I took them to Cookie Cutters.  Samuel has been and loved it.  Eva is always up for anything involving movies, balloons, and a treat.  

And I realize I need to be careful because this is the internet after all, but, um, how do I say this nicely?  Okay, I don't do hair because I don't know much about hair.  It isn't my thing.  I am not an expert on hair.  But these ladies ARE.  So, don't you think that, well...  You know what I am trying to say, don't you?  Well, just look at the pictures.  Rude of me, I know.  Sorry, kind of. 

The lady kept cutting Samuel's hair and he kept telling her he wanted it shorter.
They thought he just wanted to keep watching the movie. Finally, we had to just call it good.  I mean, really, he is four.  Does a four year old really get to have SUCH an opinion about his hair?

I forgot one of my coupons (I hate it when I do that), which means I paid full price for one of these haircuts.
So let's just say it was Eva's.
Because if we didn't say that it was Eva's, then that would mean that we paid FULL PRICE for a haircut that only lasted about an hour before Dad got his hands on it and turned it into THIS.
Samuel was mad.  This was not what he wanted. 
I was not surprised at all. 
Something about Karl that he HAS to do a little hair art before the actual hair cut.
 Not shown: one of the many pre-real-haircut mullets.  
This is the final result.
Exactly what Samuel wanted.  
I miss his hair (and the $14.95 plus tip that I paid for his 1 hour hair-do).
But just as sure as this is Karl's kid, the hair will be back soon.


Abbigail said...

ha ha ha! Karl had to cut it after you just got it cut because he wanted it shorter? That is hilarious. And yes I see why you wonder about those ladies hair, pretty strange. Is that the haircutting place you were telling me about? I need to take Kitty there next time we are in town, looks fun. I like the mohawk.

Adri said...

That sounds like something I do. Pay to get it cut then I want it shorter so I end up cutting it again. I think your kids are so cute!

Dianne and Sean said...

Your kids are so cute! Samuel looks cute no matter how his hair is styled :)

mmm.chocolate said...

Kids and their big ideas about what THEY want. And, so it begins . . .


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