Thursday, July 16, 2009

our independence day celebrations

Friday nights are something the whole family looks forward to.  The kids call it, "Family Fun Night."  The night before the fourth we roasted marshmallows, made s'mores, and slept in a tent in the backyard.  Let me just say that camping in the backyard is WAY better than real camping.  
Karl and the kids working on the marshmallows.
Samuel sleeping "in" his sleeping bag in the tent.
Notice the different pajamas?  Okay, okay, maybe we slept in the tent for three nights.  The square patch of grass is finally recovering from the three nights of camping.
The next morning we went to the Murray parade.  Has been tradition for 15 years.  
The highlight of the parade happens to be the candy.  The kids get so much.  It is like trick or treating but they don't have to go anywhere.  The candy comes to them.
Look at this.  They got SO much!  
After showing it off, the girls sat down to organize theirs and Samuel started eating his.
Eva being Eva, sorting.  Samuel being Samuel, grabbing onto Karl's legs.  
After the parade, we all cooled off.  Them at home in the backyard.  Me at the fabric store's 4th of July sale.  Nice.
They put the slip and slide at the bottom of the real slide.  It worked.  Especially for Karl.  
And a little gutter cleaning.
Backyard bbq means roasted corn.  Always.
Eva is getting so good with her chopsticks.  
Karl was so proud of his s'mores idea.  Reese's peanut butter cup.  Turns out everyone liked the original better.  But it was fun to try.

And what is a blog post without announcing the loss of another tooth?
  I got this one documented.  
We took our little stash of fireworks across the street and lit them with three other families.  Was so fun.  
And maybe all they had in the cooler was beer and Mt. Dew.  And maybe I had to explain to my  thirsty 6 year old that she was going to have to wait until we got home to get a drink. Did I mention the pit bulls had babies?  
Fourth of July, recorded.


Adri said...

You are such a cute family. I must not be any fun because I don't even like camping outside in the back yard.

Malea said...

Roasted corn...mmm. I think the 'smore cup idea could work if it had a different medium rather than the graham cracker. I think I'll experiment on that one. I can't build a school, but I will conquer a 'smore. :)

mmm.chocolate said...

I agree. Camping in the back yard IS way better than the real thing. So much less work, and a hot shower in the morning. I love that you did it for three nights in a row.

I want to be in your family.


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