Monday, July 13, 2009

kids love their cousins

Cousins are the best.
Cute cousin Katie stayed for a few days and the kids LOVED it.
Though I have no picture of it, the first night all three of the kids wanted to sleep in their sleeping bags on the hardwood floor.  
We have carpet, we have beds, but, no, they wanted the hardwood.  Something about being able to slip and slide around.
At least they didn't choose the slate.
A day way too hot for the park (we tried, we lasted about 20 minutes) means we head to the childrens museum.
And, of course, the Gateway fountain.  
Eva loves to match her cousins.  A stage, I guess.  Both of them like me to do their hair the same.
After the Gateway, Karl met us for dinner.  We hit Chanon Thai Cafe.  
Let me just say, the best Pad Thai I have ever had.  Not all sugary like all the other stuff I have had.  Loved it.  Their other stuff was pretty good, too.
Everything was served in mis-matched Correlle dishes.  They even had the patterns that Karl and I grew up with.  The only way they could have come up with this collection is if they frequented the DI.  
The best part?  Dessert.  
I love mango with sticky rice.  If they have it, I will order it.  
But I got a new favorite at this place.
Their coconut ice cream.  I loved it so much.  I wanted to order another one but the kids needed to get out of that place.  It was served with a little bit of sweet sticky rice, sprinkled with peanuts, all nestled in a corn on the cob dish.  
Soap suds hair do's.  My kids love them.
The theme was Star Wars. 
Me: Eva, Katie, who are you?
Eva & Katie: Princess Leia!
Me:  Who is Samuel?
Eva & Katie:  TO-Yoda!

Another bath.  I am pretty sure the manufacturers instructions say something about not putting soap in the tub when you use the jets but it is just so much fun.  The bubbles get huge.  

Not shown but I can also remember:  slip and slide, splash rocket, lots of swinging and jumping on the trampoline, and African Ice (slushees that my kid love and I approve of because they have have some made with agave nectar instead of sugar).

Tubs will never be the same, summer afternoons will never be the same, all because cute cousin Katie came over and set the bar really really high.  


Adri said...

Sooo cute!

Abbigail said...

cousins are the best. Looks like you had a great time with Katie. She is adorable. I am glad I got to see them for a few seconds in their matching outfits and hair even though I was sick and couldn't play.

karl said...

dont forget the slurpees


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