Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Question

I take a ton of pictures.  Sometimes I take pictures and people say, "Can I get a copy of that?"  Then it takes me like a year and a half to send it to them.  
There has to be a better way.  I kind of just want to upload them and then you can take what you want.
Do you know of the best way to share photos?  Do you know anyone that knows?  Will you ask them and let me know?  


five-one-and-a-half said...

I had a hard time finding a free site that gave me enough storage for all of my photos. I eventually used They give you tons of free storage, it's super easy for anyone to copy any of your pics, and they even allow you to create your own little website. Mine is at feel free to glance at it and see what it's like.

Heath'e' said...

One of my sis-in-laws uses photobucket. The other flicker. They both seem pretty happy with them. I just email said photo from my picasa when I'm blogging.

Btw, about the pjs, I found them at The Children's place last year on clearance! I just wish I would have bought more!


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