Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Short

Fantastic friend, Kristi, picked up some jeans at one of those sales you pick stuff up even if there is a chance that it might not fit just because it is a great deal. Lucky for me, they were labeled "short" and therefore too short for not "short" Kristi. Unlucky for me, I am too short for the "short" jeans. 
Benefits of being short:
-You can get more comfortable in small spaces like in the airline seats.
-In the dating years, the short guys are not out of the question (even though I ended up with someone like a foot taller than me).
-You probably hit your head less.
-You can sleep on your queen size bed in any direction (I don't know why you would want to, but I am running out of benefits).
Non-benefits of being short:
-People think you're a kid (try being a teacher and not daring to teach above 3rd grade) when you really need the respect of an adult.
-Anything above the 1st shelf, or in the very front of the 2nd shelf is unavailable without the help of your super tall IKEA step stool or your taller husband.
-When you are cutting vegetables (which are still not organic) in the kitchen, you sometimes stand on your toes so you can get better leverage and you don't even realize it until husband points, laughs, and says, "Are you standing on your toes?"  What of it?
-Sometimes, at the grocery store, you want something but you can't reach it. If someone that is tall and looks really nice isn't around, you just think, "forget it" and walk away feeling too short.
-You can't see over stuff (couldn't see a thing at the University of Texas football games except the hat the guy in front of me was wearing. Good thing it was fascinating... completely covered in beer bottle caps).
-Gaining 5 pounds means you have to wear your fat jeans (less place for the weight to get distributed).
-And speaking of jeans, they are so so so hard to find!
Where do these guys get their jeans? No, really.
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five-one-and-a-half said...

Boy do I experience all those things! I would also add to the "disadvantage" list that your kids will be taller than you when they're like 10. Unless you want to borrow Eva's clothes, then it could be a benefit...

Christina said...

Jamie, AKA five-one-and-a-half, I had a feeling you would have something to add :)! Eva, at six, is already tall enough that I look ridiculous when I try and carry her.

Kathryn said...

It is weird that I even relate with being short and I am 5' 5". I am long waisted and short legged. That makes me feel shorter. I love Amelia's comment about wearing Eva's clothes. Eva does have the clothes of a DIVA! Grandma

Nikki said...

Christina- I feel your pain! My 8 year old is almost as tall as me. and yes I hate trying to find jeans!

Malea said...

I'm feeling like the jolly green giant reading this. Short people are cute. And tall people really don't mind helping. They think it's an easy way to do some good in the world today. Promise.

Lindsay said...

You are so funny Christina! It's also funny how I have the exact opposite problem. I have such a hard time finding jeans long enough for me! The grass is always greener...

Kristi said...

So sad the jeans didn't fit.

Michelle said...

I'm still giggling about the hitting- your-head-less pro and the non-organic vegetable chopping. You wouldn't be you if you were tall. I'm glad you're short, but sorry about the jean thing. I think good, perfect jeans are hard to come by for anyone unless there is tailoring involved. Even for the oompa-loompas. :)


TyandJorja said...

I completely relate, but let me add...although airline seats may be more comfortable, what about theater seats where your feet don't reach the floor? I hate that!


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