Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney!

33 Memories for your 33rd
I know I should be too embarrassed to post some of these pictures, but the memories are so great that I don't care. Looking at all these photos, I can't believe some of the things that we did. I am pretty sure I have you to thank for giving me lots of the nerve.
For your birthday, an abridged trip down memory lane...
1. Send in the cadets!
2. Drivers Ed (Bud Campbell getting mad at us...)
3. Bob Schneider. Live, on stage. Us.
4. Awesome 90's clothes (Lumberjack wear, boxers as outer clothing...)
5. Green River.
6. Snake River.
7. Hiking the Subway.
8. Driving around as a form of entertainment. (Kristi's head paid the price...)
9. VVT, that one house, Pineview...
10. Dancing a lot
11. Bear Lake
12. Tunneling
13. Na na na na na na na na... GAS CANS!
14. Herng Shu
15. Making my birthdays especially great the years that I really really need it.
16. Vancouver (even for just a minute)
17. Frankfurt
18. Russia (lots of xleb, cockroaches...)
19. China (36 hour train rides, Hard Rock Cafe...)
20. Hong Kong (Sleeping in hostels? Gross, right?)
21. Thailand (Sleeping on the beach? Borrowing motorcycles?)
22. Panguitch (proof that we can make anywhere fun)
23. Tempe (because we love Kristi so much)
24. You went to Russia (and I wrote you many a letters giving you play by plays on all the drama you were missing).
25. I went to Japan
25. You got married
26. And so did I
27. San Antonio for you (I visited, once)
28. Austin (remember you came up for Thanksgiving and Scott was grateful for your long hair?)
29. Houston
30. Camping
31. Kids
32. Photo Class
33. (I wasted all my numbers too early) Lunches, dinners, cooking, my health nut safety friend, and so so so many more...
You know I could elaborate for a billion years on all of these and I really really want to.
The most important memories are the ones where grabbing a camera just wouldn't seem right. Thanks for helping me remember the important stuff because I forget so much.
Happy Birthday!
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Adri said...

What a great post. Courtney is so lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you Christina! Great pictures too... I loved it.

Kris Tina said...

It is true - Score really does rock the house. She is probably the nicest/sincerest/happiest/best at putting things into perspective person that I know. Nice work.

P.S. - where did the Star Wars sheets go?

Courtney said...

Thanks Pook. What a birthday gift. You remember the best parts of me and all our adventures together. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks.

Malea said...

You two are the best two friends I have ever met. I loved hanging with both of you in various countries/ Logan/in St. George. However, I feel like I need to wish you a Happy something too, Christina. Kind of like when a sibling gets a present on another siblings' birthday!


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