Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February is the new January

There are so few things in my life that I keep in order. But for whatever reason, I feel compelled to keep my blog posts in order. So, even though it is February, this is my New Years Day post.
New Years is the biggest holiday in Japan. So, since my parents have kept up the tradition, we get the best of both worlds. A big Christmas and a big New Years. Hooray for lots of reasons to celebrate!
There are several dishes that you will see in most homes during the New Years holiday. From what my parents tell me and from what I read on line most people in Japan now buy all the dishes pre-made. But not my mom! She makes most of it. I must get my obsession to try to make everything myself from my mom. Most of these dishes have neat meanings.

So pretty. Can you believe she made all this?

The kids table. My nephew is such an awesome eater... so much so that he amazes even my family.

I think this is one of the reasons why people don't cook like that anymore. So many dishes.
To burn off some of that meal:
We started off with a rousing game of duck duck goose. Katie and Eva talked us into it. Look at the middle picture. I am having a great time, aren't I?

Next, was a little bit of Wii fit (or unfit for some of us).

And, not to be forgotten, Tai Chi by Katie and my mom.
New Years. Posted.


Kathryn said...

Your blog always makes me hungry. Your family has some great traditions! I added some photos from Eva's party on our blog. I am a little disappointed. Maybe I am too old to blog. I don't think anyone is too interested in what I am doing or blogging. Grandma

Adri said...

That food looks so good. You and your mom always make the neatest looking foods. I'm hungry now!

Abbigail said...

that food looks amazing. Your mom is an awesome chef. All those dishes! UGH!
Duck duck goose sounds fun. I can't believe Eva is 6!

Michelle said...

I love the eye roll your older niece is giving you in the duck-duck-goose circle while you are cracking up. Thanks for inviting us to Eva's party... Alyssa had an awesome time!


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