Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet Deals and Sweet Tomatoes

I love good deals! Most of you may not know (and most probably don't care) that Steve and Barry's is going out of business. We stopped by there tonight because their fixtures were all for sale and all their clothes were $2 or less. I thought Karl would be anti but we ended up getting a whole load of furniture... A table to use as a desk in Karl's someday office (it is in the works) for $30! Solid wood. Only a year old. We also got a shelf to put on the desk and a couple of smaller tables. My favorite part and the reason we went there was these shelves with built in cubbies that they used to display their t-shirts and jeans. They will be perfect for so many rooms but I think they will end up in my craft room or Eva's room. The one near us is closing their doors on Sunday so if you are interested, check it out soon (like, today).
Super solid furniture for less than IKEA prices. Love it. I will post pictures after we pick them up.
Samuel got to sleep at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight. We were planning to have a special night with Eva but she was mad because she said her favorite food is Grandma's and that is where she wanted to eat and that is exactly where Samuel was going to eat and she wasn't. We told her we would take her to her favorite restaurant and she chose Asian Buffet. A buffet. A girl after my own heart... We talked her into Sweet Tomatoes because it was closer.
There are many things that a parent needs to teach a child. And though we have not and will probably forget to teach ours many of the important ones...
Karl did teach Eva how to slurp red Jell-o (we were kind of grossed out by the lack of appetizing ingredients that make that stuff) through a straw.
... and I ate four of these tasty twist cones. What? They were small.

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Kristi said...

Tell Karl I love his haircut!

amelia and crew said...

Whoa! Short hair! Are you planning a visit to Barbara's??

Kathryn said...

If we are taking a poll, Karl's Mom loves his short haircut too. I love this blog. I cannot wait to see how you organize your craft room. I need to do something with my crafts. They are in closets and rooms all over my house. I really don't know where to start.


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