Thursday, January 8, 2009

the Christmas Marathon Starts in Logan

Gumma's Christmas party is all about family and tradition.  So, here are a few of the traditions:

-A great dinner of ham, turkey & cranberry jelly (someone always inevitably brings up the story of the day that Nicole discovered why there were ridges on the canned stuff), cheesy potatoes, rolls, veggies & dill dip, and more.
-The chocolate fountain and Samuel ends up wearing a lot of the chocolate.
-Tarts.  They hide a nut in a few of the cups and whoever gets a nut gets a prize... a box of my favorite chocolates (I am eating some right now), Alvey's.  Every year Karl (who may or may not be against cheating) seems to win and every year we talk about how Karl always wins.  I (who is against cheating) won one, too.  I was so excited.  I never win things.

-The nativity play.  Samuel, surprise surprise, refused to participate.  It was his year to be Joseph.  Oh well.  Eva was a an angel.  I thought the picture of Gabby crying but still wanting to be on the stage was hilarious (why is it so entertaining when it isn't your kid throwing the fit?).
-The talent show.  I can't remember the bribe but somehow Samuel ended singing Rudolph.  Eva sang up on the house top.  All the grandparents were beaming.  Gumma must be proud of all her great grandchildren.
-Dancing around the Christmas tree.  We sing Christmas songs, hold hands and walk around the tree.  Half of us are taking pictures.  I love the shot of Eva and Karl dancing and the one of Samuel peeking.  Okay, Okay, I love all these shots except for the one that I am in.  
-Singing the little Gypsy girl song.  Isn't it great that tradition can make so many full grown men sing, "Oh I am a little gypsy girl!" and be pahhy (a typo of happy that happened long ago but will never ever be forgotten) about it?
-Singing the baby song.  For all the new babies in the family.  Ever since I have been in the family (almost 10 years!) I think there has been at least one new baby.  Amazing.  
These two pictures just made me laugh when I am came across them.  Amelia looks like she is carrying a tiny Ava.  Paul and Franny are having a father daughter bonding moment as both of their noses itched at the same time.  

Yes, traditions are great.  Thanks Gumma and everyone that helps keep them going.
After the festivities we stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The kids all slept in one big room. Grandma told them stories about their parents when they were young and the kids loved it.  I got a shot of Samuel picking his lips... he does that when he is winding down.  Samuel ended up getting kicked out of the party, the other kids actually wanted to sleep and he wanted to play. 

We woke up to a bountiful breakfast of every breakfast food that I can think of.  

Samuel loves that microphone toy.  Just what he needs, to be louder.  Lauren is telling a made up story about some guy that is allergic to aspirin and has all the kids laughing.  

And to keep the marathon going...
We headed up to the other side of the family and had lunch and opened presents there.  We could do a gender study with the photo on the rights.  All the girls are crowded around the pink princess toy and just Samuel is playing with the blue train toy.  

I am so grateful that my kids have so many grandparents that love them.  I didn't grow up with my grandparents nearby and so I didn't know how great they were.  Man, I was really missing out.

All of this, and it isn't even Christmas yet...  


marilynl said...

Here's the reason why Gabby was crying. Even though she is only two years old, she is a real fashionista. They were trying to put her in a plain brown burlap looking shepherd costume and she was checking out the other angels and saying, "Where's MY pretty hat?" (Halo) Oh dear, she's already a diva!

Cydnee said...

Spook, I'm glad I finally caught up on your life (since I "missed" the first hour of our last lunch apointment ;)...those pictures from Target are AWESOME!!!!

Malea said...

...But you know you and your husband are going to be one of those cute sets of grandparents someday, huh? Good to learn from some great one's now.

Karl said...

A little background on Gumma's Christmas traditions. As I understand it, they are traditions she learned growing up visiting her Danish grandparents at Christmastime (in Utah, not Denmark). These include the prize for finding the nut in the tart, dancing around the Christmas tree, singing "hang up the baby's stockings" for the new babies and the "gypsy song." The chocolate fountain and singing "pahhy" instead of "happy" are not Danish traditions.

Abbigail said...

We really did miss out. Oh well, at least I got to live through it all vicariously. Looks like a fun time.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the tradition of calling up whoever is not there and telling them how much fun everybody is having without them there.

Karl said...

Oh yeah, I did forget. That is definitely a Smithfield tradition


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