Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Yep, still posting about Christmas.
You spend all that time putting them up. Then you spend all that time taking it down...
The mud room.

I love Christmas cards. I know some people think it is dumb and not worth but I am like a little kid when I check the mailbox to see if there are any new cards. I love hearing from friends and family.
We hung (and they are still up) snowflakes up. Samuel LOVED cutting them out and he was really good at it. Eva made the tree at school. The kids decorated the house. I am always impressed with people that make them from scratch.


Abbigail said...

I love the christmas cards hanging like that. Great idea I may have to steal next year at our new house wherever it may be.

Adri said...

My bare christmas tree is still sitting in my family room. Your house looks so cute, you do such a great job decorating.

mmm.chocolate said...

Love, love, love your style. I have been looking for a great way to display Christmas cards and I just might copy yours.


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