Monday, December 1, 2008

Pie Fest

Not to be forgotten... Kristi hosted a Pie Fest for us at her home a few weeks ago. Crazy to think that we started out as just a few girls in high school and now look at us. Life sure has changed and I never would have thought back those days of giggling in class and driving around just for fun that I would someday need these girls. Yes, they are so much fun, but even more important to me is how much they are each woven into my life. I am so grateful for these great friends. Hooray for friends that you can join up with after not seeing them for who knows how long and you can pick up on your friendship right where you left off.

Oh, yeah, and the Pie Fest was awesome. I tried every single one and they were all fantastic. Yet another reason why I love these guys, they can all bring a great pie.


Annie P said...

Ummmm I want to go to a pie fest. How fun. That is a great idea and I just might have to do that next year.

mmm.chocolate said...

I love friends like that. Such a blessing. And, the pies look awesome!


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