Monday, December 1, 2008


Sometimes there are things that I think are so funny that it makes me giggle, long after the moment is over. I know that I think that this is funnier than it really is but... I got home from running errands and cousin Katie ran up and said, "Look at my balloon! It's Hannah Montana!" The thing looks nothing like her but they were SO excited about it. Apparently Karl doesn't know what Hannah Montana looks like, which isn't a bad thing. I love how the kids don't care. They played with that thing like it was really Hannah Montana.

Here is a picture just to record Eva's love for all things creamy. I got the sour cream and the bowls out and was getting the tortilla soup ready. I look over, and it looks like she didn't need any soup for her meal. She has always loved sour cream. When she was little she called it "ahs cream" and, of course, it made us giggle. To add the list of ways that Eva and Samuel are different, Samuel does not like sour cream, whipped cream, and prefers his hot fudge without the icecream.


mmm.chocolate said...

So cute! My first two are night and day too. They are opposite in every way like that.

Kathryn said...

Your kids are totally entertaining! Thanks for blogging.


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