Sunday, November 16, 2008

Triple Threat

This was a night of lessons for me:
Don't leave a box of packing peanuts in the basement.
If you notice the kids with a few, stop them and put the rest away.
Packing peanuts do not vacuum well, you have to sweep them, then vacuum.
Packing peanuts get static and stick everywhere .

The kids (along with play date friend, Sara, not shown) found a whole box and scattered them everywhere. I didn't think to get the camera until it was mostly cleaned up. I was too upset.
After cleaning for what felt like forever (actually me cleaning and trying to make the kids think they are cleaning) I asked the kids if it was worth and they said, "Yes! It was totally worth it!" Apparently, my, "I'll make them clean it up so they won't want to ever do it again" lesson didn't work. Look how happy they are. Katie and Eva are singing the "Five dollar foot long song" and for some reason, I think it is so funny when they sing this song.

Having cousin stay over was such a treat that I took a few photos.


Alyse said...

Ah, I have learned the packing peanut lesson as well. Those things are a pain to clean up once they've been crumbled!

Emily said...

Ha ha ha - I hear ya about cleaning up those darn blowy, staticky, packing peanuts!

I love the toothbrush picture!!! love it.

Annie P said...

Do you remember when we got together at Courtney's (forever ago) and the kids did this in her basement? That was bad. Your kids are so cute, though.

Adri said...

My kids did that once in our basement, it was a disaster to try and clean up. I really feel your pain.

Michelle said...

LOL... Alyssa did the same thing this weekend to Paul at the office... Must be the age.

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are so great! That is hilarious!
I love your blog's so fun and always entertaining. :)
Oh, and Emily just lost her very first tooth too! Crazy that she's almost 7...she's been waiting a long time! Congrats to Eva. Love the letter!

Abbigail said...

Those photos are so cute. Kitty also loves the packing peanuts and we always have a big bag of them in the basement for shipping drawings and lambretta parts. They are nasty to clean up. this is true.
I tried some parenting at IKEA yesterday. Kitty of course wanted to buy the GIANT elephant. I told her that if we bought that we would have to give away Soooki and Dumbo, two of her smaller elephants thinking that would make her not want to get it. She said, "Okay!" and when she was carrying it around the store she kept telling me she was going to give away Sooki and Dumbo, so I had to get it. Plus I am a total softie and a sucker for oversized stuffed animals.


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