Monday, November 17, 2008

Good, Better, Best... Sandwiches

Good: House of Bread 2005 E 2700 S
I love local little shops and sometimes I go just because I want them to "make it."
The Goods: The giant wheat grinder in the dining area, the Veggie Triple Cheese Delight on Squaw bread
The Okays: The mini cinamon rolls that they offer with every order and the broccoli cheese soup.
The experience: Eva cracked us up when we realized that she was sneaking all of Karl's cinamon roll. Found some (daring for now but I will wear them when I get used to them) boots for $10 at Whimsy, the store next door.

Better: Robin's Nest 311 S Main
(don't make the mistake I did and go to 33rd S, that location is closed)
Karl goes here all the time and I have wanted to try it out.
The Betters: The cute (yep, cute) tri colored chips, the decor, the Dessert Bites for 75 cents
The Okays: The Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate, sound gross? Well, that's because, uh, well, it is.

Best: Village Baker 1658 W 9000 S
This place has pizza, salads, and sandwiches.
The Bests: Good Ranch (maybe its the Utah in me, but I consider good Ranch dressing one of the finest seasonings out there), awesome chef salad (and many other great salads), they will make your pizza on whole wheat if you ask. Oh, and yes, they have many delicious sandwiches, my favorite is Turkey Breast and Provolone on squaw bread.
The Okays: They don't have any inside seating! You have to get take out.
(Sorry, sandwich was devoured before I remembered to take a picture. That happens a lot)


Annie P said...

I love your reviews on where to go. Village Baker is close to me and I have never been there. Time to make a little run. I may be doing that today. Thanks.

Adri said...

Wow that looks really good!


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