Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good, Better, Best... Girl Food

Food, Food, Food...

When it is time to go out to lunch with friends, I always want the perfect place with "girl food." In my mind, girl food is fresh and pretty with an ambiance to match.

Good: Zinn Bistro 2020 E 3300 S

The Goods: The famous bread/pastry basket is amazing. There are about 7 different treats in there to get your appetite going.

The Okays: The "I can't believe my mom is making me work here" attitude of the staff. I acted too annoyed to even talk to us. No thanks, I have my own kids to treat me like that. Seems like they price the entrees to cover for the enormous bread basket so, we're talking $15 (over dressed) salads and $12 soups.
Better: Oasis 151 S 500 E

The Betters: I liked the whole "I love the earth" atmosphere of this place. I have had the veggie sandwich, the brie panini, the veggie burger and I can't remember what else and they have all been super tasty. You don't feel all oafy after eating here because the ingredients are so fresh and light.

The Okays: The food takes a while but maybe people that love the earth like it that way.

Best: Food for Thought 12640 Fort St, Draper

The Goods: This place takes the cake for girly atmosphere... The wait staff was so nice and let us sit and chat for a really long time after our food was gone.

The Okays: It isn't super kid friendly, they didn't really like it when Samuel ran into the kitchen, um, but who would? It just seems like a great place to go with girlfriends where you don't have to yell to have your conversation. So, it kind of makes sense that it isn't kid friendly.

The Experience: The second time I went, Paula ordered hot chocolate and it came in this huge bowl looking thing. Samuel stuck his straw in to have a taste and before we knew it all four kids had their straws and they downed the whole thing. Paula only got a sip.

This is the only photo I can find from all three of these places. Us in front of Food for Thought.


Annie P said...

I love Zinn's but perfect review. I have always wanted to try Food For Thought. I went there once with a friend an our toddlers and they pretty much let us know that kids weren't welcome. I need to leave the kids and try again.

five-one-and-a-half said...

wow I can't believe I lived in Utah my whole life and I have never heard of these restaurants. Thanks for giving us the inside scoop and I will have to check these places out when i'm in town!

mmm.chocolate said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your food/restaurant reviews!? You love food more than anyone I know. I love how you lump them together in three's like this. If only I lived closer to Salt Lake and ate out all the time . . . Thanks for writing these awesome reviews for my reading pleasure :-).


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