Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good, Better, Best... Mexican

Okay, I probably shouldn't admit it but I just realized why every one has been blogging about what they are thankful for. Um, hello.
Okay, so, me too! I am thankful for... FOOD! I am going through all my photos and have tons of food that I want to blog about, that is why all the food reviews. At least for this week.
Good: La Puente 7301 S 900 E
There are a few locations, but this one is my favorite.

The Goods: The chips and salsa they bring out when you sit down. The salsa is in this big ketchup-esque squeeze bottle and you get to squeeze as much as you want. The thin but strong, and delicious (ooo, and who wouldn't want to be described that way?) chips are dusted with chili powder for a little kick. Sometimes I get an order of chips and salsa to take home. The smothered burrito with cheese no onions cannot be beat. The sauce, the thick tortilla, the cheese... I scoop up every last drop with the great chips.

The Okays: The above mentioned things are the only things I like there. The rest? Can you say, "Taco Bell?"

Sue, the girl who introduced me to this place, proudly displays her dish.

Better: Trompos 2265 E Fort Union Blvd

The Betters: A drive through. They have a drive through. That means so much to a mommy of two. Fast food, delicious Mexican food, fast food, delicious Mexican food... you know who wins for me! Their flour tortillas are so fresh, chewy, and oh so yummy. If you choose to dine in, some of their dishes come on this cool wooden thing. I love thoughtful presentation. They have a great variety... their tacos al Pastor (which they always recommend) and smothered burritos are worth trying.

The Okays: I feel bad for them but they are located in kind of crappy place. Seems like restaurants always go out of business here. Help them out! The cheese and chorizo dip was so greasy it made me feel kind of heavy and guilty... but probably not guilty enough to not get it again.

Best: Restaurant Morelia 6098 S State St
The Bests: Maybe it is because I have fond memories of this place because, growing up we used to go there after we went shopping or maybe it is because everything tastes better slathered in melted cheese... I don't know but I just love this place. The staff is super friendly. I have probably tried almost everything on the menu and I love it, especially when it is topped with their super fresh salsa. They are super consistent, you always know what you are going to get. My favorites? The loaded nachos and the fajitas.
The Okays: I am not the only one that loves this place, therefore it is usually very crowded. To make the wait more bearable, I usually hop on over to the nearby Cotton Shop. They have two kinds of ice, I haven't figured out how they decide which one you are going to get and I keep forgetting to ask for the crushed kind.

Once upon a time, we all fit in a single booth. My, look how we have grown.
Bonus- the Bestest: Lone Star Taqueria 2265 Fort Union Boulevard
The Bestests: Drive through. You know how I appreciate a drive through. Their carne asada salad is a great way to get in your veggies. Things I love, let's see, their giant burritos, their fish tacos and the sauce that comes with it, their fun decor... Hey, if it is good enough for Food Network's, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, it is good enough for me.
The Okays: Can get crowded, but I guess that is part of the experience.


Abbigail said...

How you ever stay so thin with all of this food blogging is beyond me. I wish I lived closer so that we could try a few of these places. I haven't had good mexican in AGES! They don't do it too much in Michigan.

Michelle said...

Seriously girl, you need to review restraunts in the Trib. I love your blog.... It's a great concept... "Reviews from a Mom of 2 Little Ones". And I second the comment from your other friend... How do you eat at so many places, but stay so skinny! Do you ever finish your meal?

Lindsay said...

Christina, Mexican food is like my favorite thing in the whole world (that you can eat)!
So, since you live in roughly the same area I grew up in this post was totally interesting to me (not that your other posts aren't...they totally are too.)
Morelia's is one of my favorite Mexican places ever...we used to go there all the time as well. And then another favorite is El Farol. Have you heard of it? It's hard to remember streets for me but I think it's on 7200 south by the freeway. It is definitely top of my list! Oh how I miss Utah's yummy mexican food. You'd think we'd have good stuff here in Vegas, but it's surprisingly hard to find.

Michelle said...

So apparently I am not the first one to wonder how you stay so cute and thin with all the yummy eating you do! Oh, how I love Mexican food, and oh, how it loves to stay on my thighs!


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