Friday, November 21, 2008

Good, Better, Best... Bitty Cakes

Hi, today, I am still thankful for food...
I guess cupcakes are all the rage because shops are popping up all over. There are still a few that I need to try but of the ones I have tried:
Good: So Cupcake 3939 S. Highland Dr.
The Goods: The shop is super cute and they have a really sweet story behind the whole store. They have a huge variety and each one is unique and colorful.
The Okays: I feel bad saying this but I haven't loved any of them, even though I keep trying to. They are just a little on the dry side.
Better: Nothing Bundt Cakes 10389 S. State Street
The Betters: The cake is so moist, dense and tasty and the shop is very cute.
The Okays: I didn't realize that this is a franchise. Kinda takes away from the charm.
Best: Diva's Cupcakes and Coffee 1560 E. 3300 South
The Bests: The shop is neat inside. The cupcake was so moist and so good.
The Okays: I didn't buy two :).


Annie P said...

First of all - sign me up for your dinner club. We LOVED your dinner. But I really love your good, better, best reviews. I think I will go on a little cupcake drive. :) I agree that So Cupcake is a little on the dry side.

Adri Ballingham said...

I haven't tried Diva's but I do have to say that I LOVE Sooo Cupcake. I will have to try the others.

mmm.chocolate said...

I'm not really a cake fan. But, if I do eat cake, I agree that moist is best. My father-in-law always makes a family favorite cake (cinnamon-nut), and it's a little dry in my opinion. Then, I started making it for Brian's birthday and I thought mine was so much better (not so dry). Then, get this -- my father-in-law reveals that he prefers his cake dry!!! Like, he makes it dry on purpose and then likes it even better after it's been sitting out for a few days. Can you believe that there are people in the world who are like that!?

five-one-and-a-half said...

Yum! I don't know if we have any cupcake shops here but I am sure going to find out! You are blessed with very good genes that you can enjoy good food and still look spectacular. I guess my mom didn't pass enough of her Asian genes to me.

Christina said...

Okay, thanks a gazillion for all the skinny compliments. You sure know how to make a girl (who had to change her jeans this morning because they won't accomodate my winter weight) feel great.
Amy- I am totally shocked that people like their cake dry. I seriously had no idea. I guess I gotta get out of my everybody-loves-moist-cake bubble. I am embarrasesed at how much thought I have given this today.
Annie- I am so glad you liked the dinner. It is hard to know what other people like (and after finding out that people like dry cakes I think I have been way off:)). I wish I could have hung out longer because I think your family is amazing.
Jamie- I have seen you and you are tiny. I am grateful for my Asian genes, but I think that is also what drives me to eat so much.
Adri- so cupcakes are the cutest by far. EVA went to a really cute birthday party there.

amelia and crew said...

Why is it that you are always trying different restaurants and you are still so freakin skinny??

Malea said...

Christina, I just found Courtney through Annie. My cup is so filling-ith over! You seem oh so the same in a great mom-ish way. Annie found me on facebook, and now I get to re-connect with all you wonderful people who gave me so many memories! Talk to you soon, Malea (Hale) Scott :

Abbigail said...

hmm. maybe we will have to go here for our day out together next week!


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