Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Better Best... Man Food

Man food in my definition is where there is a ton of meat. Sometimes you eat it with your fingers. The biggest thing is that the vegetables are either non existent, unrecognizable, deep fried, saturated in butter or coated in mayo.
Good: Rib City in Sandy
It was just okay. I actually appreciate good barbeque but this place left me wanting for sure. Kind of boring, and my turkey just looked and tasted like the sandwich stuff you get at the deli counter.

Better: Moochies in Salt Lake
I was so excited to go there because it looked so good on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. We tried the deep fried pickles, deep fried ravioli, meatball sandwich, and the Philly Cheesesteak. I wanted to the love the "authentic" Philly Cheesesteak but the processed cheese was just to strong and, well, gross. The meatball sandwich as pretty good but it was so stinkin' messy. I was kind of bored with it, though. The kids LOVED the meatballs. They ate them out of our sandwiches and then we went back, get this, THREE times to get an order of meatballs. It was ridiculous and funny. Here is what I didn't love, how I FELT after I ate there. Gross. Not worth it. Here is what I was grateful for, that the casual atmosphere was perfect for housing the kind of people that didn't mind when Samuel let the whole restuarant know that he had to "Go poop really bad."

See Samuel hiding? Yep, I would embarassed if I was eating that many meatballs, too. Actually I started to get really embarrased that they were yelling, "More meatballs!" every few minutes. I overheard the ladies at the table next to us saying something like, "It's going to make them sick." I am pretty sure they were talking about us.

Best: Siegfried's Deli in Salt Lake
We stopped here on the way to the circus and were in a huge hurry so I didn't get a chance to take photos and relax and enjoy the food. I did like it, though. But I didn't love it. They had a few recognizable vegetables and I think I just liked the novelty of eating German food. We loaded up on chocolate because isn't German chocolate supposed to be great? I devoured the Ritter with almonds, I already knew I love those, though. Guess what, I think the rest of it is sitting in our cupboard.

So, maybe I just don't love man food. Karl liked Moochies and plans to go back. He goes to Siegfried's all the time. Neither one of us will go back to Rib City. I will probably not go back to any of these places... unless I am being a good sport.


mmm.chocolate said...

I love how happy and satisfied Carl and Samuel look while eating their man food. My man loves Siegfried's too. Man food? You are so cute. And, it's so true.

Nikki said...

I love reading about your food adventures. I love food too. Dave thinks its funny that I can remember where we were at by the food we ate.

Alyse said...

your blog always makes me hungry.


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