Monday, November 3, 2008

Samuel's Fourth Birthday

We were staying in a hotel in Orem because Karl was teaching down there. The whole family went down and made a mini-vacation out of it (I know, pretty exotic, Orem). We started the morning off with the hotel breakfast. It was all stuff that I barely consider an acceptable breakfast and so they loved it and ate a ton... French Toast sticks dipped in fake maple syrup, sugary yogurt, Fruit Loops... Then we took quick swim in the pool. We had to rush to get ready and out before check out time. I got a shot of them watching Saturday morning cartoons. I loved the way that Samuel's mouth is open while he is so focused.

We went to the toy store, the mall, and then ate lunch at Gloria's Little Italy. So tasty.

We needed to update our family photo so we headed to Chuck E Cheese. We went to a new one in Layton so the coins were all shiny and the place didn't have a funny smell. Yet. Awesome. Karl's family all came down from Logan and we had quite the celebration.

Thanks, everyone, for coming to celebrate Samuel. Look how many people love Samuel. That place was so crowded. You wouldn't believe how lucky we were to get these tables.

Kathryn used her amazing cake skills and made an Speed Racer cake for Samuel. You can see Samuel helping himself to another piece of cake. When does the point in life come when you no longer see cake as just a frosting holder? He was crazy about the frosting.

Turns out, Samuel is quite the Skeet Ball player. He was cracking us up, he was so good. The kids got popsicles and look how sad Eva is because she go the "wrong" one. Isn't that how it always goes? A night of intense fun ends with someone upset. Karl told her that she got the best one and she got over it. Never mind that both of the kids got sick of them long before they were gone.

An intense, action packed day to celebrate the most intense, action packed boy I know.


Abbigail said...

cool cake! Fun Fun Fun!!!! So sad we missed it. We might be coming to UT 12-1through6th, maybe we will have to hit that same chuck e cheese with Kitty!
My Dad told me it was so crowded and like chaos in there. Pretty packed.

Anne said...

I was sorry we missed it too!! I've never actually been to a Chuck E Cheese...


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