Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Septitude

Samuel just walked in and the conversation went like this (note: it is past midnight):
Me: Samuel, what are you doing?
Samuel: I am awake
Me: Why?
Samuel: Because I am awake

This is how Samuel always answers "why" questions. Another example goes like this:
Samuel: Mom, what does that say?
Me: Sears Auto Center?
Samuel: No, it says, 'work'
Me: Why do you think it says 'work?'
Samuel: Because I think it says 'work'
According to Eva, this manner of answering questions (or rather not answering questions) is called a septitude. A septitude seems to occur over and over because I keep forgetting that I already know exactly what the answer will be. We have no idea where she got it. Like other families we have words that we just come up with and somehow they just seem to stick and become a regular part of our vocabulary. But this one sounded so real that Karl even looked it up and apparently the word has not been taken yet.


mmm.chocolate said...

That is exactly how my hubby answers my questions! Then, I have to keep asking more questions to finally get to the answer I'm looking for. Septitude. That does sound real.

Anonymous said...

Samuel is so funny.I love to read about the stuff he comes up with.Isn't it so great that with this blog you will always have his stuff posted here and he will be able to know many years later how funny he was .

Janine said...

I found your blog! What a funny kid--I love the logic.

Heath'e' said...

I love that picture of your kids. TOO cute! I like his logic, just because I am.

Anonymous said...

That is great. Your kids are really brilliant. Seriously, I am going to start using that word. I love it!


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