Monday, June 23, 2008

Hogle Zoo

The purpose of this photo is not to show you Samuel's dirty summer feet (I swear Eva's never get this dirty even though she wears flip flops, too). The purpose is to show his sandals that I had to pay full price for (I hate paying full price for stuff). We got all the way to the zoo (a 20 min. drive) and guess who got in the car without shoes on? Or should I say guess who didn't make sure her kid had shoes? So, we had to load back up and go the the nearest store (the only flip flops the gift shop had were men's sizes which makes me wonder how many full grown actually go to the zoo and want some souvenir animal flip flips anyway?) which happened to be a fancy shmancy shopping center and get him some. One cool thing about them is that they have this little hidden compartment in the heels to hold coins or whatever treasure he chooses. I guess you can get perks like that in your flip flops when you pay full price.

This bird is trained to take money. I need one of those... to pay for my full priced flip flops.


mmm.chocolate said...

Oooohhh, that is a cool perk! And, I'm laughing so hard because the first time that Brian and I took all three kids on a big outing (Isaac was only 2 weeks old), the same thing happened to us. We got all the way up to the Park City outlets and discovered that Sophie (who was 4) had no shoes. (me) "What happened to the shoes I put on you?" (her) "I took them off in the flower garden." That's right, she kicked them off in the flower garden between the front door and the van -- aaauuuggghhh!

Alyse said...

haha... That reminds me of the time we went to Brookfield Zoo on a very cold new years day and forgot to bring Charlie's coat! I did get lucky and found an okay one at the gift shop for half off. I think I take the cake for being a bad mom on that one! :)

five-one-and-a-half said...

I can so relate! Poor Emi gets dragged out of bed, shoved in her car seat without knowing where she's going, and when we arrive at our destination, she has to walk around barefoot. I think she's used to it by now :)

Anonymous said...

Flip flops are not my favorite for little kids. Carson can't keep his on and it is a constant battle. I totally understand the dirty feet thing. That drives me nut to. Love the compartment in the heal. That is a clever idea.

Emily said...

I laughed OUT LOUD! great post.


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