Monday, February 18, 2013

kauai life alive and well

Maximus and I flew home to Kauai. 

We finished up his therapy sessions in UT.  Measured and ordered more compression gloves and bands and shorts.  We ate our last lovely meals and spent time with people we love.

And then we hopped on a plane.  

He took a power nap, then watched some ipad, then colored (mostly dropped crayons and I picked them up), had two leaky diapers (because an abundance of beverages were on our list of activities, too), then climbed over me, on me, spilled stuff, ate junk, bossed me around, and spent the last full hour entertaining (or bugging.  I stopped caring after the first 15 minutes) the three people in the row behind me.  I was exhausted and did that thing where you swear you will never ever do something again knowing that you will someday have to do it anyway.  I will never fly with Maximus again.  I just kept saying that to myself to reassure myself that I wasn't crazy because I was aware how crazy it was.  And, well, truly crazy people don't really recognize how crazy the crazy is, right?  Maximus looks me in the eyes and says, "I like airplanes."  He was having a ball.  He always does.  Mommy was not having a ball.  

We got home in time to see Karl's mom and step dad off.  They had been in town for a couple of weeks.  We had our first meal to remind me why I my foodie self was dreading the return to Kauai.  

I spent the next few days unpacking and organizing and cleaning and stressing out until my brother and his wife and baby girl came that Friday.  

And we played.  

And she cooked.  And my foodie self was happy.

And today, they left.  And they took their adorable little girl with them.  

And now, after going about a million miles an hour for the last couple of weeks, I told Karl I am going to sleep until Wednesday.  I'm not really going to.  I did take a three hour nap.  Maybe that's because we stayed up til the wee hours of the morning playing Settlers of Catan.  But a three hour nap felt awesome.  And man, I love naps.  

Lot's of good memories that I am grateful for.  Lot's of family time that make those memories possible.  

I do have lots of things to talk about.  And photos of some great memories.  But I will post them maybe sometime after I wake up on Wednesday.  

In the midst of our whirlwind of school, hosting, field trips, hula recitals, and baseball, killing pigs (yes, killing wild pigs.  Did you know there are more wild pigs here on the island than there are people?), cooking said pigs, and beach time, a friend of a friend came and took some photos in our home.  And she does some pretty really super great work.  And she posted a couple of us on her website just now.  Sometimes it's great being the token Asian.  Because then you might be able to have mega super professional photos of your family. Her name is Jessica Peterson and she knows how to make the ordinary, beautiful.  

 That's me.  Tackling Samuel.  I didn't know I always wanted a photo of me tackling/holding/tickling Samuel.  And now I have one.  I am lucky, huh?  
So fun.  Right?

And Maximus was completely enamored by her.  Here he is copying her taking photos, just before he took to climbing all over her.  

Oh, and this was just going to be a quick post but I'm incapable.  But for my friends that don't Instagram or FB, we are having another boy.  I am going to be the mom of three boys.  And there's no doubt the kid is going to fit right in with the rest of the boys in my house.  He moves and moves and moves and moves.  Here he is three and a half weeks ago, planking.  So, he moves, and he's funny.  We have plenty of moving and funny around these parts.  I know it will be awesome, but I'd be omitting a big part if I didn't point out how nervous/tired I am for all this moving/funny in one household.  Cheer me on, folks, cheer me on, okay?

I'm in the best part of pregnancy right now... not naseous, not practically narcoleptic, and not feeling like I'm toting a giant pack on my front quite yet.  I have to point out that I am grateful that nothing hurts right now.  But I'm not even half way through, and I am impatient.  I want pause this good feeling and fast forward through the heavy miserable parts of pregnancy.  This is just about as big and fluffy as I want to be.  I probably won't argue with you if you call me a wimp.    

Things are still crazy.  We choose crazy.  That is our normal.  We are home.  

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