Thursday, February 28, 2013

eva: she's 10 now and she dances, gracefully

Eva had another hula concert.  And that means rehearsals, and costumes, and, of course, plumeria.
Oh, the plumeria.  It's not plumeria season.  So that means we ask everyone we know if they know where to get them.  Facebook pulled through, and a friend made a call to a friend who let us pick from her tree.  This is serious stuff.  I've learned that Karl is best at picking plumeria.  He's a foot taller and isn't afraid to sport a ladder.  So, off he went at 8 am on a Saturday morning.  And if you know us, you know just how serious this stuff is.  

The day was full of activities, and dunk tanks (yep, dunk tanks), and trophies, and slides, and potlucks, and well, this was a tag team effort to get all this done.  Turns out, Karl just may be the best lei maker, too.  

And one day, if it's not today, I hope Eva realizes just how special she is.  I think she kind of already does.
My brother and his wife and little daughter were here to visit and they were so supportive and extended their stay so they could see Eva's concert.  

Their little Emi was adorable and danced along and waved and yelled, "Hi!" to Eva when she danced.  
And to think when we first moved here, she was just a little girl with short hair way in the back where we couldn't even see her dance.  My lens broke on the day of the concert.  I wanted to be super sad.  Super super sad.  But it turns out, Eva didn't need the super zoom lens this time.  And she was nervous.  But she did great.  Sweet, little, but growing up now, nervous, graceful Eva.  
Here she is dancing to Hilo, My Hometown.  
You can hear Maximus cheering her on.  
Growing up (sniffle sniffle and hooray, right?), sweet Eva of mine.  I knew it would happen.  So why does it feel weird that she is 10 now?  Maybe because I still don't know what I'm doing as a mommy.  But I'm pretty sure it's because she grew up in fast forward.  Gracefully.

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