Monday, June 11, 2012

baby maximus: help

Sandy in a Hat Baby Maximus

I want to tell you that I am so grateful for the help we have received.  I actually have a list of people that have helped us.  It's right here in my pocket.  I also want to thank you for the offers of help.  If his recovery were based on prayers alone, he would be a baby hand model/master pianist by the age of three.  

The benefit of Maximus being so young with this happened is that he will heal quickly and probably will not remember a thing.  The down side is that he is too young to use the nurse call button so this is ending up being a 24/7 job for us,  we sooth, we rock, we read, we sing, we walk, we feed, and we call the nurse when he needs it.  Oh, he would have to learn how to use the call button with his toes, wouldn't he?

People have been so kind and want to help.  And I want them to help.  I know I need them to help.  Until now, to most I have said nothing because I seriously don't know how to make the connection between the offer and the receiving.  Fact is, most of my brain isn't working right now.  It's on autopilot. For now, I think it actually might be best that way.

Enter my besties from forever ago.  They know me, they listen to me, they know what I need. Even if I can't figure out what I need.  They know what things that are stressing me out, they know the little things that I probably do or don't need.  If I think too much about them, I get all weepy.  

It's not so much that I am asking for help.  It's more that, I know I haven't answered the question, "How can I help?" and it's silly of me to do so when I know this is the time.

In conclusion (I learned you're not supposed to say that because a good conclusion doesn't need to be announced and since this isn't a good conclusion because I keep rambling because this is such an awkward topic for me I will use it), if you have wanted to help please e-mail, call, or text my friend, Heather.  She has known me since the eighties, folks.  She knows what I need:

and for dessert...
They put Maximus under conscious sedation to do his dressing changes every other day.  His eyes are open the whole time.  It is kind of a lot freaky.  Sometime he will cry or yell mom, or no, or say uh-oh.   All very sad.  But today, he started blowing kisses.  


Malea said...

I just texted her about some possible toy suggestions that could be sent up to you for Max to play with.

Charlotte said...

that video is hard to watch knowing he is sedated, but oh so very, very sweet at the same time. XOXO.

Abbigail said...

Sweetest child!
I think it is a great idea to have a help coordinator. Go heather! I have been working on a package for a week and hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.
Maybe I should tell Heather about the big kids coming here to forest summer camp.

Courtney said...

Love those lips! He already is a baby model!

Anonymous said...

we just got back from the temple and put your and max's name on the list. we love you! ~Laus

Adri Ballingham said...

That video is so sad... and yet so cute.


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