Sunday, June 10, 2012

baby maximus: baby steps

We'll just go ahead and call this the longest two weeks ever.  But in a way it is weird that June is already happening outside the hospital.  

Yesterday, Maximus was much much more Maximus.  He is IV free, which meant one less tube.  Which meant instead of mourning that he was grouchy, I was trying to figure out how to keep a kid that usually roams from room to room emptying cupboards and drawers, finding snacks, climbing on everything, and according to Eva, breaking all her stuff, occupied in crib.  He was starting to bounce around, literally.  With all his tubes and fragile skin, it was so nerve racking.  So much so that it was almost funny.  He had some friends and family come visit that could give him a change of view. 
Sorry for the blur.  Maximus continues to work on his feet skills.  He still has his sense of humor.  On days when he won't eat a single thing, he will make an exception for stuff that is funny.  Like a fishie cracker if he can eat it off a toy train or from his toes.  Or juice out a sippy cup that spills more down his chin than into his mouth.  Or a sucker.  What's more fun that candy on a stick?  Watch more TV, Maximus.  Play with your food, Maximus.  Wear awesome sleeveless mock neck mesh shirts, Maximus.  Haha.  Doesn't it look like he's ready to dance?  It's to keep the wires in place.   Now, even his torso is not free.
He took a walk today.  I held his clubby bandage and we walked down to the end of the nurses station and back.  Stopping along the way to say hi to another 20 month year old baby and take her toys and cry when she takes them back.  And stopping to find your own toys in the giant toy closet.  And stopping to try and unsuccessfully turn every knob he could see.  Not shown is the procession of nurses carrying his toys and wheeling his vacuum thing and feeding tube thing.  He reminds me of Corduroy the Teddy Bear with his hands like this.
He is getting some real rest at this very second.  That makes me glad.

He is saying more.  He says whoa!, nods yes, yells go!, signed fishy, signed please, and has been blowing tons of kisses. 

And my sister is on her way so I get to have Sunday dinner with my family.  Even though it has only been a few weeks.  It feels like it has been longer since we have done that.  

Baby steps...


Debbie Itabashi said...

お疲れ様!! It sounds wonderful - for baby steps. I will continue keeping both Maximus, James and Families in my prayers. Its my prayers that both of them heal smoothly, quickly and without other problems arrising.

Brady and Karen said...

Corduroy Maximus! Good job walking, little man!

jamie parker said...

grabbing crackers with his toes...When my days are bad I'm going to think of another way to make it better...when his hands and one foot are busy healing he uses his one good foot to make things happen. There's a lesson right there. A lot to learn about having a good attitude from Maximus. Love him! Seeing him is like a promise for good days ahead. xo


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