Saturday, June 16, 2012

baby karl

 Happy Fathers Day!
Looks like Maximus isn't the only one that can sport a little Euro swimmie.  
Now the mystery of where Maximus gets his lighter hair and sturdy physique is not much of a mystery, is it?

Karl, being so father-y...

Maximus update:
Yesterday, his surgery went as planned.  They took a strip off skin of his left thigh all the way up his hip and grafted it onto his left hand.  During recovery was first time that I felt this scared about this situation.  His oxygen levels kept dropping.  100 is best and anything under 90 the alarm would sound and his kept going down to the 70's even the 60's and then specialists would come in and hook stuff up and give him stuff (I'm so technical, I know).  I found myself trying to breath deep hoping Maximus would catch on.  I had to hold the oxygen mask as close to his face as I could without touching him.  The second it would touch him he would freak out and we could have to start over getting his levels up.  It was like playing Operation but instead of a buzz, a kid would get mad, roll over and bat at the mask with his bandage paws.  It was nerve racking and it took three hours.  Taking deep breaths just thinking about it.  But after that he slept like a giant baby.  They will keep him sedated so he doesn't disturb his grafts.
 It is hard to look at his splotchy, stapled, sewn, wrapped, bumpy hand and understand why they are saying how great and even beautiful it looks. I will take their word for it.  
I miss being able to squeeze his thighs.  It was an instant laugh from him.  His ticklish spot.  And, today, when they were unwrapping his right hand, Eva's eyes got all watery and she said, "I miss his hands!  My eye's keep watering.  I just miss his hands."  She was crying.  She's right, his hands are very missable.  And his thighs.  
They unclubbed his right hand and put it in a compression sleeve and glove today.  It looks so tiny now.  And seems so fragile without the splint and layers and layers of gauze and bandages.
It looks like he is healing quickly.  

Seems to me, this has been Karl's father-iest year so far.
Good thing there is a day to celebrate it.


Liz O. said...

Well, Happy Father's Day, Poppa! Max is his spittin' image. Holy smokes!

Kathryn said...

What memories! Karl was a darling child. I think he is a pretty amazing father. Happy Father's Day.

jamie parker said...

Happy Father's Day, Karl! You are an awesome person with a great family!

Malea said...

I love this picture of Karl and his little "mini me". A very special, and happy Father's both of you!!! Celebrating the father your children have, and having your youngest have the best care possible, so he can be the best father he can be in the future!

Barbara said...

Happy Father's Day Karl. I am so grateful that Max is finished with surgery. Don 't ever forget how much you are all loved!!

Abbigail said...

Cutest little boys ever!
Karl and Max.
So sorry to hear about the after surgery stress. It is always so scary when the oxygen levels dip.
This is a great day for all to celebrate your family.

Courtney said...

I can't believe those pictures! Did you do the reinactment on purpose or did you get insanely lucky to have a 70's picture of Karl in Max's swimme? They are even the same color! Prayers for Max for a smooth recovery and prayers for you.


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