Thursday, June 21, 2012

baby maximus: he owns me

I was thinking about my blog title.  Because sometimes you choose things that are so funny and relevant at the time but then as time goes by it's not so relevant and therefore not so funny.  But this story keeps cracking me up... Samuel climbs in our bed one morning.  Cuddles up to me.  Karl tries to put his arm around me, too.  Samuel, annoyed, says, "Get your own mom."  
Own mom.  
He owns me.  
All my kids own me.  
I shouldn't be saying I have three kids when I describe myself.  
I should be saying three kids own me.  
At least that's the way I have been feeling.  It's okay.  I signed up for this.  

 It's fun to feed people that love to eat, right?  Max loves to eat.  And he just has this look that makes you want to feed him. Maybe that's one of the characteristics of a therapy baby is that they are fun to feed.  But lately he hasn't been eating much.  It's sad.  
It doesn't stop most from trying.  The guy a few rooms down from us (that is out already, *sigh*) saw us walking past a few times and asked the nurse if it was okay if he gave Maximus a Kit Kat.  Look at Maximus try to hold it.  So funny.  
And my sister's family discovered that Maximus thinks dum-dums are awesome. 
And gold fishy crackers showed up in the mail all the way from Kauai from his sweet aunty Kat that always feeds him gold fishy crackers at the beach or at church.  
Or how about that two pound box of chocolate from his grandma and grandpa.  I was even letting him take one bite out of one and then go for another.  I usually hate that.  
Or letting Samuel feed him grape juice out of a can?  Sounds messy, right?  It was.  LIttle grape juice specks everywhere.  
But I let all these things happen because I want him to eat. 

Oh, and because he really really owns me right now.

You know what says when he wants something?
He says, "Mom!"  It doesn't necessarily mean me.  It seriously means that he wants something and he wants it now.
Physical therapists come in everyday.  They play a little, they move his hands a little, they show us how to move his hands.  So he is trying to get Maximus to push a button on a toy.  Maximus pulls out his foot and pushes the button.  The physical therapist laughs, "I haven't seen that before."  

and he didn't even see Maximus eat with his feet.  The thing is, he can pick things up with his right hand but he still thinks it's fun to pick it up with his hand, stick it in his toes and then eat it.  

And I let him.  Because he owns me right now.  And it's pretty funny.  
I posted this on FB, but here's is a 10 second video of it.  
Today they changed the dressings on his left hand from a giant club/paw and slimmed it down to more of a small paddle.  A momentous occasion, after three and half weeks of not being able to hold up his own cup, he can now hydrate himself.  
No more teddy bear muffin paws for this boy.  He is down to a temporary compression glove and sleeve on his right and a paddle on his left.  Both his thighs are wrapped but he is IV free.  It left a yucky mark on his foot, but it is gone.   As it heals, his right thigh itches real bad.  He keep scratching.  And being bugged by it.  Poor guy. 
When we get antsy from sitting in the hospital room, we go for walks to the other connecting hospitals.  Primary's has these fake fish that Maximus stared at for a long time.  When we first got to the hospital he wouldn't sit in it.  I had to sit in there with him.

You know, because he owns me.  

But now he is used to it, loves going for rides, and whimpers when he realizes we are back at the burn unit.  
Maximus is surviving the hospital with yummy treats, TV, books, singing, toys, wagon rides and making me his personal slave.

I am surviving with awesome electronics (I love technology), knowing this will end soon (like,  the doctor told us Maximus can leave this Friday), and figuring out which cafeteria has the best mint brownies.   

So, ya, it looks like we are leaving Friday.  I am nervous to keep Maximus safe in a different environment but other than that, this is very good news.

And, when we are all under the same roof, my kids can own me all at once instead of shifts.  


Charlotte said...

He's leaving this Friday?? Whooopie!!! I know your journey is far from over but healing is hugely mental and in a home environment where he is relaxed and happy, the healing will blossom.
And of course they own you, because you are a wonderful Mama!
So happy to hear the news. xoxo from Kauai, Charlotte

Abbigail said...

Of course they own you! Don't all children? I wonder what it would be like to not be owned.
I am so happy he gets to leave this Friday! What a celebration. You will all sleep better when not at the hospital.
I am also celebrating that he is IV free. I know how happy I was to be IV free. Also without a feeding tube makes you feel more like a human. You ought to try giving him chocolate malts. They are great for healing!

Liz O. said...


Malea said...

Wow. Friday. It's almost like taking Maximus home as a brand new baby again. But you'll have a comfy bed and nice smelling pillows. And your parents seem like such wonderful support...they'll be the best nursing staff ever. ((BIIIIG HUGS))))

Adri Ballingham said...

Great news on leaving Friday. That is going to be so nice to just be in your own space. I love the video of him eating with his toes... hilarious!!!

Amy said...

YAY! Friday!!! Mint brownies ;-) I'm surprised you aren't doing food reviews of the cafeteria. I love your blog title. It always makes me chuckle to think of Samuel saying that. I don't know how you have managed to stay so positive and make these posts so interesting when I am sure the hospital has been misery. I keep checking back to see how baby Maximus is doing. I am glad things are coming along. Last night, I dreamed that you had to leave Maximus at the hospital to go teach a class so I came and taught the class for you (haha). I hope things go as planned and you get to leave on Friday.

Barbara said...

Friday is tomorrow. That is great. What a blessing that you have been in such a great hospital. You have been such a wonderful nurse. You must be worn out. Heavenly Father knew He needed to give children to young parents. I am excited to see Maximus and all of you on Tuesday for a little while


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