Friday, June 1, 2012

baby maximus: airport drama

We made it out of the hospital without a hitch. Karl left earlier today to Kauai to pick up Eva and Samuel,pack a few things for the summer, and to close up the house. I packed up our hospital room, got the meds, the paper work, and packed up Maximus and the bags of stuff that come with preparing to face all the what ifs when flying with a hospital patient.

Friends helped us get to and from everywhere. Nice, huh?

I got to the airport 3 hours early. Don't faint. Sky cap printed something special for me to get through security. Too special. They wouldn't let me through. I stood there while person A went to get person B who also wouldn't let me through. Person B went and got C. And he wouldn't either. Same with D. While I am standing there with a stroller and a carry on and two bags full of special drinks, meds, snacks, diapers, changes of clothes, etc. (Remember when you just needed a magazine and a good book to get through a flight?), and a baby in a hospital gown with nubs for hands and a wound on his face. I didn't look up. I knew I was a spectacle. I would have believed person A. So I hauled all my stuff back to the check in counter super fast so no one could see me cry. And the tears were dry by the time I got to the check in desk. I am a very efficient crier :). This is when they went and got someone important. He walked me through security. He helped me load my hundred pounds of crap. Everyone greeted him. He walked me to the gate. He found me a seat and handed me his card. The manager of TSA helped me through security.

Maximus was so happy to not have an IV. I had no shoes for him but didn't have the heart to stop him from running and jumping to his heart's content. He was so happy. He was asking for food (he hadn't been eating much. Hence the feeding tube). He was pushing the stroller and having me hold his nub as he strutted down the aisle.

Karl and the kids showed a couple hours later. I was so happy to see them for so many reasons. Maximus was so happy to see them.

My parents will meet us as the airport with two cars. One to take Eva and Samuel to their house and one for us to take Maximus straight to the burn center. Everything has miraculously gone as planned. Except now. A wire is broken in the plane. So they will let us know when they find that needle in the haystack. Not another plane out of here all night that isn't booked. Awesome. Good thing I brought enough crap to last.


I am still glad we left. I haven't seen baby this happy in days.

I'll keep you posted.


Malea said...

Crap. I hate broken plans with healthy babies. You are more than my hero for counting your blessings on this post. I can't wait to hear that your safe and sound in the hospital. Keep breathing. One breath at a time. You can do this. I love you!!!!

Kami said...

So through all your posts I managed to keep a dry eye, until this one, was it seeing baby happy? and knowing he is headed straight back to the hospital? the really nice, important, TSA guy? or the broken wire? I'm not sure, but I am SURE that we want to help while you are here. PLEASE remember to call me if you need to. I will come and visit you sometime. We have been thinking about you daily. I am praying that your plane has landed safely in SLC by now.

marilynl said...

I am praying that you are on your way.

jamie parker said...

Mike and I cried and laughed and cried through this post. It's so cool to see all the answered prayers. We are going to miss you this summer but so happy you are with family and friends and Baby Max will get really care! love you!

~~Heidi~~ said...

Christina, oh I am so sorry, its horrible when the plane is down and you don't have medical needs!!! My heart just folded, I am so so sorry! I hope everything will go well once in Utah! Love you lots!!!

Courtney said...



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