Tuesday, January 17, 2012

good at the good times

Karl's mom took this photo.  Along with a bunch of others.  We have a lot of hair.
I keep waiting for "things" to return to "normal" and now I am starting to realize that I may be waiting a long long loooooong time.  

It's a new year.  And like every year, I want to start out fresh, organized, on time, and better. 

Good times.  We are good at having those. We can go from one good time to another.  Something sound fun?  Sign us up!  It doesn't make sense?  No matter!  What we're not so good at?  The necessities.  Car needs to be registered?  Lawn needs to be mowed?  Suitcases unpacked?  Naaaa.  We'd rather go swimming.  

A little family photo of our tradition of going to Nickelmania.  We stay til it closes.  Fun.

Got back from a great trip to spend New Years with my family and found out I would be speaking in church in a branch about 60 minutes north of my house. 

And this is how it went:

Worried all week about it.  
Felt completely inadequate to be saying much of anything in front a lot of people that I have never met before.
Finally sat down to work on the talk while kids fended for themselves. 
Stayed up too late finishing talk.
Woke up and got clothes ready for kids.
Got ready.  
Left 10 minutes later than I meant to.  
But in reality, I should have left 35 minutes earlier.
15 minutes from my house, the gas light comes on.
Called husband.  He assured me it would be fine. 
Then I drove and drove. 
Called husband and he called them to let them know how late I would be.
Then I kinda got lost.  
And if you know that the island has only one highway, that's funny.
And if you know that this building is on the main highway and that I have passed this building over 1/2 dozen times before, well, that's even more amusing.
Called husband and he reminded me how to get there.
Found the building 25 minutes late.
There isn't a single parking space.  
Double parked.  Tried to find some cars that weren't tourists but I couldn't sort out the shiny rental Jeeps from the local pickup trucks.  So I just parked.
Walk in, and have to go all the way up the front because that is where the speakers sit.
And the man that was going to speak after me, is speaking. 
When it is my turn, I let everyone know that no one can sneak out without hearing my talk because I trapped everyone in and hopefully I have enough gas to get out of the parking lot because I just drove an hour with my gas light on.
Talk went well.  I didn't faint or say anything ridiculous.
After the meeting so many nice people wanted to help me with my empty gas tank.
Nice people.
Someone ends up following me to the nearest gas station.
I pass the gas station and they have to show me how to turn around.
I paid $4.79/ gallon for gas.  
And then I drove home. 

And it felt so good to have that over with.
So so so good.
And somehow the view of the ocean on the way home was so much better than when I was on the way there.

Made it back to my church meeting to catch the tail end.  

Took a snapshot of this dreamy photo of all the kids in the ward.  But, there is one kid that has another kid in a headlock of sorts.  Who is that? What kid does that?
 Oh, he must be from a family that is all about having a good time.


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness. I was sweating for you as I was reading that... :) Glad all turned out well. That is a dreamy photo by the way...

Pete said...

Great story Christina! I have had a lot of good times with the Israelsens.

Michelle said...

Hope to see you next time you come back for a visit :) Miss all of you! Can't believe you have that many kids in your primary (we have about half that many)!

Amy said...

I was so happy to read that you will be writing more posts! You are SO good at the good times. Maybe that is why I love reading your blog so much. All of that other stuff (being organized, etc) is over rated.


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