Friday, August 19, 2011

how quickly they learn

Fact is, they let just about anyone have kids these days.  
Fact is, most of the time we have no idea what we are are doing.  
First kid, you are so careful with everything that goes into their mouth.
Third kid?  Well, apparently, things start to ease up around these parts.
 We have relaxed big time.  
We have enjoyed the baby stage so much more.
 And though I know that ice cream is most definitely not the best for this little guy, I also know that this tiny bit isn't going to hurt him.
And in this case, we were also going for the entertainment factor.  

The whole birth order thing fascinates me.  And, well, third kids learn how much they like ice cream much earlier than first kids.


Adri said...

I was always relaxed on sweets with my kids. All of my kids had sweets when they were just babies... that and diet coke. Horrible mom I know. But I could have a bowl of candy sit on my table for months and end up throwing it out. My kids have candy whenever they want to there is no novelty for it anymore.

Malea said...

I've always thought how cute it was when my babies first sucked on ice cream and how their eyes brightened up and the body shivered. Entertainment factor is always worth it!


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