Tuesday, August 9, 2011

back to the beach

We made it. School, lessons, the beach... back to our daily grind.
And as a reward to myself for completing the horrible unpacking process (on top of the usual housekeeping, if you can even call it that), I will do a proper post.  Until then, this will have to do.  
Do you ever try and trick yourself into getting unappealing things done? 


Annie P said...

Oh I am in love with your yummy little baby shark. I wouldn't get anything done with a cute little baby and a beach. No chance.

pamela said...

welcome back!

to get myself to do things i don't want to, i usually start with a treat.

Emily said...

I use blogging as an incentive too. . . and also to procrastinate. sometimes.

dieing to hear about your summer.


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