Friday, March 25, 2011

food find: star fruit and soursop

Where I come from, the star fruit gets to be more of a cute garnish.  Wanting to love the aesthetically pleasing cross section, I always tried it.  Only to find it sour and boring.  But here,  they are cute AND delicious.

 Soursop.  Not so cute.  If the soursop was in a tween movie, it would so be jealous of the cute little starfruit.  But this ugly fruit is supposed to be some sort of anti-cancer nutritional powerhouse.  Get past the spikes and the inside is not so bad, quite lovely, in fact.  There is a soursop in every tween movie, right?  I have given this guy two chances.  The first time it was crunchy, sweet, and delicious.  We ate some of it and threw the rest into our smoothies.  The second one, I let it ripen more and so it was soft and sour and, well, yucky.  I think I was just freaked out by the texture change.  It really didn't taste bad.  

Cute little starfruit and big ugly soursop.  I will buy them both again.  The starfruit because it is so much fun and the soursop because it is so good for me. And in that fruity tween world? Looks like starfruit wears high heels and soursop wears sneakers :).


Adri said...

I love star fruit mostly because it's so cute!

pamela said...

the star fruit is awfully dreamy looking. i've never had one.


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