Friday, November 5, 2010

samuel is six

It's hard to think that there was once a time that Samuel couldn't run and jump and climb and run and jump.

I had to look back in my photo archives to remind me that he was once a tiny baby that just laid there.  I actually still can't believe it.  Even though I have these photos for proof.  In my memory he must have been moving like mad when I was taking these.
 It is also hard to believe that he once had some chub on his body. 
 You were such a pretty baby with your big juicy lips (I know boys don't want to be pretty, but what do yo say if you are?).
Karl's arm makes me chuckle because it has the camel color paint of our old living room on it. 
He must have been painting that day.

Six years later...

You know just what to say to get your dad riled up
You can jump enough stairs to make people cringe when you take off and sigh with relief when you safely land
You can out eat most adults
You spend more time laying, jumping, climbing, crawling, than you do standing or sitting up right
You can burp the ABC's
You are deathly afraid of dogs.  The smaller they are, the more they freak you out.  I think it is because you like the be the fastest loudest one in the room and don't know what to do when you are outdone.
If someone gives you one, you want two.  Grandma thinks you are going to be rich one day.
I still have a hard time getting a non blurry picture of you.
You always show us that you are so much smarter than we realize.  

Your dad and I wonder what you are going to do in college because you've pretty much mastered the college boy sense of humor.  I am actually a little nervous.

Getting you to show a natural smile for a photo is impossible.  You will, however, pull a billion other faces.  
 You got to celebrate your birthday twice.  Once on the real day and once with your grandparents and cousins on the weekend.  Lucky kid.  
You got this headlamp from your uncle.  And you spent the night looking at everyone with your bright light.  And just because it was your birthday, we let you.  
We asked you what wanted for dinner for your birthday dinner and you said you wanted (Japanese) curry rice and pizza.  You wanted both.  So that is what you got.
Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  

 We celebrated big time at Incredible Pizza.  The pizza was fine but it was the games and the laser tag that you thought were incredible.  You are obsessed with red and blue is your second favorite.  Your grandma was so nice and made you this cake with your favorite colors.
 I don't know if it was you or your dad that this game so much.  You guys spent a lot of time on it.  We love how we can tell you are focusing when your lips stick out like this.  Looking at these photos, I wonder where you get it from.  Maybe he was just talking but, either way, it made me chuckle.
 You looked so tiny on those  bumper cars.  You were barely the required 44 inches to ride it.  
Here you and Eva are showing your stash.  I bought you those skinny jeans and they are so baggy on your skinny 6 year old legs.  

You keep things lively.  You live big.  And the best part?  You love big.  And that makes me feel really really lucky to be your mom. 

Happy Birthday Samuel!  I hope you love your sixth year of life.


Adri said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! What a cute kid. Boys are so crazy!

Abbigail said...

Wow! What an amazing boy Samuel is! He is always on the move. I also don't remember him holding still much as a baby. But what a beautiful baby he was. What an even more spectacular six year old.


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