Monday, November 8, 2010

halloween 2010 continues

When Halloween falls on a weekend, it gets stretched out over what feels like many many days...
Karl's mom outfitted Maximus with some Halloween gear.  
 Karl wins the Uncle of the Year.  
He rounded up the kids and the pumpkins and helped them create the Jack O Lanterns of their dreams.  It cracked me up to see the typical situation where the kids get all excited and then then after about after 10 minutes the adult is left with all the dirty work.  

No pictures of the finish products.  Whoops.  Eva and Katie did a self portrait and Samuel and Brighton made scary guys.

The Uncle Award is also because he dressed up and took the kids trick or treating.  In the rain.  
Samuel said, "I have been Astro Boy two times already" and then put on his too small hand me down Super Man pajamas and his multipurpose red cape and called it good.  He let Karl do his hair.
With the right product (Got2B Glued Spike Spray) the hair possibilities were endless.  Karl's greaser hair was indestructible.  
The night was rainy and wet.  Maximus and I stayed in and enjoyed some Halloween snacks. Karl got a new toy, a Droid.  The thing is pretty amazing.  When Karl first got it, it was practically glued to his hand.  So I made Maximus a Droid t-shirt.  I love this photo because of the way he is laying.  I forgot how cute infants are.
 I couldn't believe how long the kids and Karl stayed out.  
Samuel came home and immediately started counting.  Eva came home and immediately changed into warm dry clothes.  Smart girl.
I have found a very positive thing about all this processed sugar...
For some strange reason, my kids cannot hear me until I have said the same thing about 5 times or I turn my volume way up.  Now, I start my sentence with, "If I have to say it again, I get a piece of candy," suddenly their ears work better.  It's amazing.  


Adri said...

That is hilarious that Samuel didn't want to be Astro Boy anymore. That is totally my Lydia. She said I have been this same costume for years now... (really only 3 times). I wish that candy thing worked here... my kids haven't touched the candy since they have been home... only to count it. But they get candy whenever they want so they just don't have the thrill for it.

Emily said...

What a tiny tiny little thing! My! I've forgotten already how small and wonderful and cute they come. . .

Samuel's super man hair is perfect.

Abbigail said...

adorable. Ryan always gets stuck doing the pumpkins as well. This year he made a bat for freya and a scary face for himself.
Maximus looks adorable in his halloween attire. Harry filled up his cap to the brim. I will have to send photos. Can you please send me Maximus so I can hold and snuggle him?


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