Thursday, November 11, 2010

honeymoon over and still grateful

The super cute, always snugly, never sad, always sleepy stage is over. And maybe I am feeling like quite the cow.  Baby being hungry every two hours might be part of the reason.  Moo.

I get a little confused sometimes because I don't always know what all the squeaks, grunts, honks,  wiggles, and cries mean.  I am hopeful that I will eventually catch on.

But the feeling of gratitude comes out on top. And I think I would be grateful even if it wasn't the season.  Who needs sleep anyway?

Little guy is chunking up. Those cheeks and those creases are new. Love them.


Adri said...

You are not a cow. He is so stinking cute! I sure miss the baby stage... that is my favorite part. Sleep will come again soon!

Abbigail said...

Gratitude is high on my list along with sleeplessness. I am happy he is eating so well, breastfeeding is a mixed blessing.
Maximus is getting big and looking more like himself and less like Eva. He will have to eat a lot more to keep up with Harry.

Harry still eats all the time, every four hours in the night. He eats two servings of baby food multiple times a day. I am so amazed at his hunger. He is getting so grown up and notices everything around him. HE has started to roll all over the floor and pushes himself around on his stomach. Gets excited to see balloons and dogs, he loves his sister and laughs at her.
Babies are real treasures.


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