Friday, August 27, 2010

so samuel: so long summer

Summer is coming to an end for Samuel.  His first day of kindergarten is coming up.  
Big milestone.
Every time I hear about someone losing their digital photos, I remember to download mine and back them up.  And that's about the only time I remember to do it.
This time, while downloading, I came across these two summertime photos that just made me smile.  They are so Samuel.
I would love to tap into this energy and enthusiasm.

Kindergarten, here comes Samuel.


Abbigail said...

He is so enthusiastic and energetic, what an amazing boy. Remember when he was a baby and he would not hold still? He was always squirming around when I tried to hold him! :). Seemed he was anxious to hit the ground running.
He will be a rocking kindergartener. Hope his teacher has had some sleep. Love that boy.

Adri said...

Soooo excited for you! What will you do have the day with both kids gone and a little baby?!?! Good luck to Samuel.

Malea said...

Super Samual and chill Karl. SO cute! I'm glad I got to spend some time at the dunes so I could understand...yes, soo Samual!


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