Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lunch: day three

Eva wanted a ham sandwich today.
But this is what she got instead:
-A sliced chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. She wanted a whole so I kept the side dishes to a minimum because it takes her a while to eat a whole sandwich. I haven't made bread ever since we listed our house. This bread is from the Village Baker and I love it.
-pear chunks and a slice of apple.
-chocolate macaroon.

To make it fun today I made an imprint of a butterfly on her sandwich with a cookie cutter. I also did a bunny cutout in her apple slice. I got that cutter from Japan.

These are some more containers that I have liked using. I bought them at Ross and TJ Maxx but have also seen a different size at Target (for a lot more money). They are called Fit N Fresh and they have a removable icepack you can stick in the lid and are free of some of the bad stuff that is in plastic. I thought it might be a little gimmicky when I got them but I have ended up liking them and have even bought more.


Adri said...

I have seen those containers at Target... good to know that I can possible get some at Ross and TJ Maxx. I love your lunches... I am going to try them on Lydia maybe that will spark her interest!

Emily said...

Lucky kids. You are an amazing mom.
I'm packing lunches for all my boys now. Today I packed 3 ham sandwiches, 3 whole apples (not cute like yours), 3 sacks of pretzels, 2 cheese sticks (no milk for Brig), 1 granola bar, and filled 3 water bottles. Boring. Boring. Boring.

I'm glad to get some ideas from you to liven things up.

Jamie said...

You are seriously inspiring.I saw a Japanese website that sold bento kits and have been thinking about ordering some. Perhaps by next year when Emi's in 1st grade I will have learned a little creativity.

Sheralie said...

Your lunches are incredible. Wow. I can't even say. I am so impressed.


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