Saturday, May 15, 2010

shopping joy

Karl and the kids at the store with me.  It is a rare thing to find all of us there.  This trip reminded me why.  It was exhausting.  Kind of fun (like a circus) but exhausting (like a circus).

I try to do my shopping alone.  That way, it feels like a mini vacation.  In my younger years I never would have thought that I would find such peace in walking the grocery store aisles kidless.  

It took me a few years to realize that no matter how awesome of a deal that I found at the store, I wasn't going to get many cheers from Karl.  Can't really blame him.  If you aren't interested, you just aren't.  I used to ask him to talk about economics when I couldn't sleep.  It's the same thing.  I am just not interested.  I have learned that not everyone shares my love of shopping and great deals.  You should have seen me in China.  Deal heaven.  But Karl's step mom said she has just never really been a shopper.  I offered to teach her.  Karl's dad said he would pay me not to teach her.  

But I had such a great bargain day yesterday that I just HAVE to share it with someone.  Please, someone, share my joy.

Dropped Eva off at dance.  I had the time planned out in my head.  Without kids, I can get about 4 times as many errands done as with kids.  

Hit Old Navy.  Had a couple returns and needed some stretchy shirts for this awkward belly-looks-like-jelly-rather-than-a-baby stage.  After my returns and filling out the survey on my phone to get the code for 10% off I got me three stretchy shirts and a sweater for  $16.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Went to DownEast.  Needed a stretchy shirt to wear under stuff.  All of mine from last summer need to hit the trash.  You don't realize how shabby stuff looks until you pull them out a year later.  I had a gift card in my wallet.  For all I knew there was only a dollar left on it.  I couldn't remember at all.  Picked out two shirts.  Handed the nice lady my gift card.  I only had to pay a dollar something.  Awesome, right?  Like finding a $20 bill in your pocket that you forgot about (am I the only one that does this?).

Went to Whole Foods to get some marjoram because I want to try my friend's soup recipe.  I have always been afraid of split pea soup but this one looks good.  And, yes, it is still soup weather every other day here in my sweet home town.  I like to get my spices there.  If I only need a tablespoon, I only have to buy a tablespoon.  And I don't have to pay for the jar.  I like to check out the sales whenever I go and I passed by my favorite taste-like-I-am-indulging-way-more-than-I-am boxed cookies.  They are 100% whole grain and don't taste healthy at all, but they kind of are.  I am still a sugar freak.  The dark chocolate has a little bit and the cookie part is sweetened with evaporated cane juice and other fruit juices.. I tried the Kashi equivalent and they were so gross, but not these.  They are usually about $3.50 for 8.   This time they were on sale for $2.50 AND there was a stack of coupons next to them for a $1 off each box.  $1.50 for a box!  I grabbed a couple and a few coupons for the future. 


The nerdy excitement continues...
Picked Eva up, dropped her off at home with Karl and Samuel, and headed to Target.
I had a couple of returns (stretchy shirts that weren't the right kind of stretchy.  I am in search of the perfect T), a stack of coupons, and a long list of things to buy.
The ad in the paper said if I bought a giant thing of Tide (though I try to like others, it is still my favorite) and a giant bag of the new stain release stuff (I don't even care if it really works, I tried some and just think that the Tide scent scientist people are genius) then I could get a $5 Target gift card.  I had 4 coupons for both of those things.  Couldn't find the giant bag of stain release stuff.  Was going to bag it but finally got the courage to ask someone, who asked someone, who asked the right person.  Because the right person just let me buy the medium bag for $5 less.  With the $5 off and my three coupons I paid $2.75 for at $12 bag off stuff.  
Then I found some stretchy (do you sense a theme here?  How did women get through pregnancy before jersey knit?) Liz Lange yoga type maternity pants marked $10.  So I grabbed the grey and black (I like to buy in twos).  When she rang them up they were only $5 each!  They are still $20 online. 
There were a few other bargains but I feel like I got the good stuff out. 
Oh, and I had a card for a $5 gift card when I spent over $50.  

Today I looked at the receipt just because I was so proud of all my savings.  How nerdy is that?  I got joy from saving money on toothpaste, mouth wash, maternity pants, laundry detergent, deodorant, salsa, and sunscreen.  

I know I am not the only one that feels this way about a good deal.  I just might be the only one in this house.  I think when I tell Karl he just hears, "Look Karl, I just saved us a billion dollars by spending two billion dollars!"  Either that or the voice like the teacher on Peanuts.  

I think I just felt the baby!  I think that baby is happy I found some prego pants for $5.


Pete said...

Really? Some people find economics boring? I find that hard to believe.

Malea said...

Nah, I think you and Matt could be kindred spendy spirits. He playsPrice is Right with me like an excited kid Christmas morning.

Abbigail said...

Great shopping. I am generally too tired and lazy to hunt for bargains or cut coupons. Rock on for u.
The needs of the stretchy shirt change throughout the pregnancy. The perfect shirt befor now is too short and too tight.
I am so excited u felt the baby move.

Sheralie said...

I have some target prego pants that sound very similar ...and have lasted for 4 pregnancies. Your ability to catch sales totally eludes me. I am impressed.

Emily said...

that picture should totally be a Target ad.

I really wish I had your talent for finding sales (and your purse full of gift cards). . .

pamela said...

i'm super proud of you (and envious) for all your shopping deals.

i, like abbi, am generally too lazy for coupon hunting.

**and i'm feeling like stretchy clothes may take a permanent role in my life, although i wish they wouldn't.


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