Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the amazing test

This is my amazing test to see if I should eat something.
Amazingly simple and easy.
Ask myself these two questions:
1- Is it amazingly nutritious?
2- Is it amazingly delicious?

Answer key:
1- 2 yeses- go ahead and eat it.
0 yeses- don't eat it.

Here are a couple of examples of two yeses:
Salad from my favorite Pho Green Papaya in West Valley and the Ichi Roll (far right) from Red Ginger Bistro.  Amazingly delicious and nutritious.  Bonus:  It is beautiful.  I love beautiful food.

Went to brunch with some favorite friends at Bakers de Normandy in Holladay, again.  I am not a breakfast fan, but for this place I make an exception.  I have loved this place ever since my mom would bribe us to go to piano lessons with a pastry from here.  They have the best eggs benedict.  This place is so cute and so tasty.  
It gets one yes for amazingly delicious.  So, it is worth it.  
These are some appetizers from Luganos in Millcreek.  That appetizer in the back?  Who knew Prosciutto, arugula, "torched" pears, marscapone, and 12 year balsamic could be so amazing?  I didn't.  But now I do?  It gets a big fat yes.
See that little bowl of while soup?  That is the best.  It is tom ka gai from Thai Orchid in Holladay.  I have had this at many a Thai places.  And this is by far the best.  By best I mean not too sweet.  Though this meal doesn't fit all my rules.  The soup's amazing flavor gets a yes for this place.
This is the very ugly smothered pork burrito (with cheese no onions) from La Puente.  There are several around the valley.  Nutritious?  No.  Delicious.  Yes.  So I let myself indulge.  Especially when I start craving it.  There is nothing I can do but go get one.  You should have seen me beg Karl to meet me there for lunch one day.  
Here are a couple of meals that were not worth it.  The flavor, the nutrition value and especially the way it made me feel.  The machine gun sandwich from Bruges Waffles and Frites... though it was kind of exciting to eat a giant sausage sandwich with fries in it.  My body just kept telling me no with every bite.  I will stick to the "frites" and their amazing sauce next time.  And maybe have a bite of someone's waffle with chocolate, strawberries and creme fresh.  
This pesto pasta from a super cute little cupcake place in St. George looked so good on the menu but was too bitter and bland when it came out.  Not worth it.
You would think this tower of chocolate cake from the Beehive Grill in Logan would be delicious but it wasn't.   We took a few bites, boxed it up, hauled the box home, put it in our fridge, and then threw it out a few days later.  Very good at denying that this just wasn't worth it.  

There you have it.  My test and few photos to illustrate my point.  I would also like to point out that there is a serious aspect of social eating.  I am a huge social eater.  But the question, "Is everyone else eating it?" just does not sound right, does it?  


Abbigail said...

Wow. You have been out to eat a lot lately. Fun! I love love love pears, prociutto, and arugula. Yummy!!!!! Lots of yess in my book. I am on a crazy citrus kick. All I want is grapefruit and orange non stop. Strange.
I like the test. I don't know if my breakfast of cold cereal would pass.
I am glad you guys had a good time at Lake Powell. I adore visiting there, but haven't done so in over ten years. My brother has a houseboat there, but when you live across many states you don't get to reap any benefits.

Michelle said...

I love that test. Great idea. That post made me hungry...

Jamie said...

Your blogs always make me hungry :) I definitely want to try the thai place and the sushi place this summer. I dream about that kind of thai soup. Seriously, I crave it all the time.

Amy said...

I love your food posts. Now you totally made me crave that pork burrito (Great!). I'm jealous of all the beautiful food you eat, and way impressed that you take the time to snap a photo before you dig in.

Nells-Bells said...

my mouth is seriously watering right now! ALL of that looks SO GOOD!!!!! you are evil...but in a good way. ;)

pamela said...

i love your rules!

and bakers de normandy is SOO good. i love it. actually, i think i love all that food you posted.


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