Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lake Powell... Eva and Samuel

I didn't get a whole lot (according to my standards) of photos of Eva.  That is because she was off with her friends most of the time.  Already?  
We missed her body boarding on the surf board.  She was in another boat.  They said they asked who wanted to do it and Eva just did it.  Freezing water and all.  She is a champ.

Eva and her cute friends.  (Thanks for the photo, Michelle!)
On a "Princess" ride on the tube, where they take it easy for the girls. 
Playing in the quicksand.
Feeding the big giant (gross fish) off the back of the house boat.
Helping clean up on the last day.

Samuel mostly hung out with us so I have more footage of his trip.
He usually sat at the front of the boat and yelled things like, "faster!" and, "go over their wake!"
Samuel was going to wakeboard with Karl but freaked out with the cold water and started getting mad because Karl couldn't get him out of the cold fast enough.
(Sometimes we think Samuel is so adventurous but then with things like snowboarding and now this, turns out Eva is the one with follow through.  Oh, wait, am I not supposed to compare?  I still feel pretty new at this parenting thing).
They let Samuel "drive" the boat for a while.  He was in heaven.
Out on the tube.  Since Paul, the one driving the boat, was making the ride easy on Samuel and rough on the other side Samuel kept yelling, "faster!" and the other kid kept yelling, "slow down!"
Looking like one of those crumb donut gems after getting in the water then rolling in the sand. Karl pulling Samuel out of the quick sand.
All the kids are feeding the fish.  Where's Samuel?  Feeding them from the deck.
Here's Samuel NOT helping clean up.

They loved the trip.  The whole idea of sleeping on a "boat house" was just amazing for them. Yesterday while we were eating breakfast Samuel looked at his half eaten waffle and said, "That looks like a house boat with lots and lots of windows!" and just smiled at it  until we made him eat (for the 10th time).  


Lindsay said...

Looks like fun! I'm jealous, I've never been on a house boat, I think I'd like it. What a cool experience for your kids!

Michelle said...

I love all these pics! Makes me want to go back :) Maybe when the water is 20 degrees warmer!

Michelle said...

I love all these pics! Makes me want to go back :) Maybe when the water is 20 degrees warmer!

Jessica said...

I saw your comment about photography on Becky Higgins' blog, and just wanted to let you know that I'll be in Utah this summer for travel sessions, in case you're interested! See my blog for more details...



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