Monday, January 11, 2010


Saturday mornings.  Nowhere we have to be.  Nothing we have to do.
Kids had that big tub of popcorn on the couch.  I thought it was cute.  So instead of taking it away, I grabbed the camera and said, "Please don't spill!"
And then as I snapped a picture, of course, it spills. 
I hate vacuuming.  That is my first thought.
They pick it up.  Or should I say, Eva picks it up and Samuel just continues with his eating.  This time off the floor.  


Tamany said...

I just like the paint color on your wall!

Malea said...

Same here.

Adri said...

Every time I say "Don't spill that"... guess what, they do.

Alyse said...

Hey, whatever gets it picked up. I have to problem with the kids eating off our floor.

Amy said...

Beats vacuuming!

Isaac went through a phase where he wouldn't eat anything unless it was first dropped on the floor. He was such a finicky eater -- I was just glad he was eating something.

Then, we would go into public and Sophie would say to people, "My brother only eats off the floor." Awesome moments in motherhood.

Sheralie said...

I love the photos. . . our problems from spilling to broken bones seem to always go in slow motion for me with me standing frozen watching it happen!


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