Sunday, January 10, 2010

christmas afternoon 2009

Our tradition is to go to my parents house in the afternoon.  
After we open presents there is some serious lounging around.  Mostly on the floor in the living room.  Even though there are plenty of seats in the house.  These is the totally typical scene: 

One of the best traditions we have it to pick up a bunch of Alvey's Chocolates when we are in Logan and then we bring them out on Christmas to snack on while we open presents. 

I love homemade gifts but am not always confident that other people love them as much as me.  This year, I went out on a limb and made these heat pads for a few people in my family.    Affectionately called "corn bags," these things were a hit and I ended up making one for everyone.  
My brother got everyone a "Tornado" for emergency use, and well, to cook the crab out in the garage.
The Christmas spread was amazing.  
Along with lounging and eating is enjoying of presents.  The Darda tracks made a fine version of Lombard Street. 

My brother Dennis gave someone a jumping machine thing.  He makes everything into a contest and before we knew it, we were all jumping with all our might.  And some of us (older than 13) had a lot less might than others (younger than 13).
And my mom always likes to get a photo of all of us together.  That is harder than it might seem.
But we got one.  And I am glad because it is so fun to compare the photos year after year.

And you know how I was saying that the kids always seem to have so much fun with the wrapping paper rolls?  Same goes for boxes.  
And of course, the night ended with Settlers.

The scoreboard for 2009

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