Wednesday, January 13, 2010

in just one day

Was just thinking about the day.  Was just thinking about Samuel's day.  

-I have a friend that we visit weekly.  She is in her 70's.  Samuel loves to go because he gets to watch TV while we sew together.  So today, he walks into her house.  Walks straight up to where she had been sitting and says, "You spilled!"  Yes, she obviously spilled.  Thanks, 5 year old, for pointing that out.  Oh, and, he also asked her how much the rug cost.  

-Samuel had his well child check today.  The picture is him coloring.  The nurse offered the coloring pages while we waited for the dr. to come in.  Samuel gets them.  Points out the Transformers and then looks for a place to color.  Says, "I'll color up there."  The exam table is where he ends up.  Totally content.  Humming the entire time.

-On the way home Samuel starts singing the 7-11 song (dads take their kids to 7-11) and he asks, "Who's Kevin?"  He was singing, "Oh thank Kevin... 7-11!"

-After I explain that the song, he says he has to pee.  Really bad.  No biggie.  We were on our way home.  I got out of the car and went in the house.  The kids usually take longer to get out of the car.  A while later Samuel tells me that he accidentally got pee on the car seat.  But there he was standing in dry jeans.  Baffled.  But then my mom detective skills start kicking in.  I remember finishing the bottle of water and putting the bottle in the cup holder.  I remember Karl teaching Samuel the (for road trip emergencies only!) trick long ago.  Then I realize what Samuel did.  I go out to the car, and sure enough and bottle of the yellow stuff is sitting on the passenger side seat.  Ugh.  I was exasperated.  After scrubbing, I sent him to his room and called Karl.  I had to have Karl talk to Samuel.  I didn't want to blow this out of proportion.

-Samuel told Karl that he wants me to have a baby, "I want a little boy  who will do anything for me."  Nice.  Samuel wants a slave.  

A couple more things.  Not today, because I don't think he could have packed anything else into this day anyways.

-We had family home evening a week ago and we played a game. It involved reading a scenario that was written on a picture of a cow and then depending on the scenario the cow went to to the "dry dessert" or the "peaceful pasture."  Karl, Eva, and I took turns reading and the kids took turns placing the cows.  At the end of the lesson, Karl asked, "So, what did you learn?"  Samuel says, "That we all talked and I don't know how to read."

-Last night Samuel ate three pieces of pizza.  Three.  If you know how skinny he is, then you will think this is funny, too.  Even more funny?  Karl was late to dinner so he only got 1 1/2 pieces.  


Emily said...

oh thank kevin. . . that kid is hilarious!

note to self: never show my boys the emergency peeinabottle trick!

Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

I would love a slave! I'm with Samuel. EM

Lindsay said...

I love how you write these things down...I need to be better at that. I mean, truthfully, my kids are not QUITE as funny as Samuel, but still...I should be better. :)

Kathryn said...

What a kid! He certainly keeps your day eventful. Thanks for the post.

Kristy Soffe said...

I am so glad you wrote this all down. This day will be fun to revisit as he gets older. I love the honesty that comes with being young. I also love the creativity. Even though he peed in the car, you have to give him credit for being resourceful and thinking on his own. The other positive is that he is consistent, you always know that he will keep you on your toes!

Pete said...

Great read. Funny kid. But to put it in a better light, if there was an emergency where he had to pee in a bottle, it is better that he has now practiced - so in a real emergency he is less likely to spill.

Abbigail said...

Oh Sammy. He is kittys twin alright. Other than the bottle part. That makes me a bit afraid of having a boy. I don't know how u can stay so calm!

Malea said...

I love these stories. The child is brilliant and you get to be his mom. You have my congratulations/condolences.

Adri said...

Oh my gosh that post is hilarious. Kids are so crazy and do the funniest things.

Dianne said...

Your kids are smart, creative, funny, and adorable. I love all your stories about them.

Grow Family said...

Wow! I haven't laughed out loud like that in a while. That kid cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. :)


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