Sunday, January 17, 2010

traded in my spot as mom of the year for the best nap ever

Just finished making a bunch of onesies and am sending them off tomorrow. So grateful to those that are donating to Lulu. It was fun for me to make them. Yep, fun. If you want to get in on the fun, I will still make one for you whenever.

Last week, there was a day that Samuel had school and Eva didn't. Feel free to get me wrong, but I love those times when I get to be with Eva alone.

Took her to get her hair trimmed at Cookie Cutters. She was so enthralled in the movie that she didn't even hear us talking to her. At one point, a tiny bit of drool dripped out of her mouth and went all the down to the cape and she didn't even flinch. Of course, I was cracking up.

We got home and I thought it might be fun to do a craft. I pulled out a box of pre-made craft kids and she didn't want any of them. She had something in mind.

By this time I was getting sleepy (night people need afternoon naps sometimes), and visions of bonding with my daughter while crafting were slowing changing to me laying on the couch while she crafted.

She said she needed some material to make a cat puppet for Samuel. In the car, earlier that day, Eva was telling Samuel that there is no such thing as red cats. He insisted there is just because it is his favorite color.

So I gave her red. Partly because I have a ton of red felt because I was going to make her Wendy outfit but ended up finding the biggest part of it at the thrift store for 99 cents. And I know I am probably repeating myself but it is because I am just that excited about my find.

She also needed scissors. I told her to think really hard and think of anything she might need because I didn't want to keep getting stuff (especially if I couldn't reach it from my soon to be nap spot). She got started, but then she needed a stapler. Good thing she knew where I keep my stapler because my head was stuck to the pillow by then.

I woke up occasionally (I'm a really light sleeper) to see some measuring, cutting and stapling.
I finally woke up to this:
Later on, she made it into a reversible puppet. The other side is a sock monkey.
Ingredients for the best nap ever:
1 couch
1 pillow
1 window letting sunlight in (I love napping in the sunlight)
1 pair scissors
1 stapler
1 6 year that has some serious vision and skills

Oh, and when Samuel got home, he saw Eva's balloon from Cookie Cutters and asked, "Did Eva go to Cookie Cutters?" I thought he would be mad that he didn't get to go but instead he was worried, "Is her hair short?" He has hair opinions and for some reason I find it so funny.


Abbigail said...

That sounds like the best nap ever and it is the best puppet ever. Eva does have vision. She is the best maker ever. Love her.

marilynl said...

Just knowing that you stay up late and need naps makes me feel so much better about my lifestyle. Eva is such a doll and so very talented. And Samuel, what a thoughtful brother.

Malea said...

Hey, I've had computer issues, so I have only gotten the email you sent just barely. I will send the money to you tomorrow. Unless you have a paypal? I can pay you that way.

Kris Tina said...

You know my horrible cutting skills - Eva at 6 is better than I am.

five-one-and-a-half said...

I am amazed at Eva's talent. AMAZED!

pamela said...

this could be written from my life christina! i do this more often than i'd like to admit.

Amy said...

Looks like Eva loved it! Oh, and early risers have to have afternoon naps too ;-).


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