Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Growing up, I had exactly five people that I was related to in this country. My mom, my dad, my sister and my two brothers. That was it.

Then I married Karl.

On Friday, we headed up to Cache Valley because Karl's sister and her husband were getting an award at USU. We needed someone to watch our kids. So, Karl asks one cousin. But her daughter ended up getting sick. So, Karl asks another cousin. So sweet, said they were going to hang out with friends that night but were willing to have my kids join them at their friends' house.

When we pick the kids up, Karl's cousin had a funny story to tell. She was calling Samuel by his full name to try and get him to listen (what? Samuel not listening?) and her friend says, "Wait, what is his last name?" Turns out she has a great-grandma Eva, too. Turns out that she and Karl are second cousins. So, well, it turns that the kids were baby sat by cousins on both Karl's mom and dad's side!

How would it be to be related to so many people that you don't even know. Karl joked that he married me, just to be totally safe that he wasn't marrying one of his cousins.

The next day (well, night) we went to the pumpkin walk. It was a first for me, but a long standing tradition in Logan. And it is run by, you guessed it, one of Karl's relatives.

Karl's mom joined us. The kids adore their grandma and were so excited to go see her.
(When choosing Eva's coat, we went for function over style. She likes her coats long. She kind of looks like E.T.)
Karl's grandma painted these signs for the pumpkin walk. I see where Eva and Karl's art skill come from.
These were a few of our favorites:
Here is an article on the pumpkin walk. Guess who took the pictures. Yep, another one of Karl's relatives.
We got a kick out of all the hand painted stick-your-face-in-the-cut-out-to-kind-of-look-like-a-character things. My favorites were the Yoda and Eva in the air plane. And though Eva loves to tell people she doesn't like princesses, I think she secretly still likes them.
And we turned the corner and guess what we saw? Yep, Karl's relatives. This time it was his grandma and grandpa made out of pumpkins.
Guess who made the Aggie Icecream display? You know the answer by now, Karl's relatives. His uncle and cousins.

There were more relative run-ins, more than I have time to post. Things like, "That's a big house." "Oh, that is my cousin's." And I am sure more than I even knew about.

I guess I always knew that Karl came from a huge family. His dad is one of 12 and his grandpa is one of 12. It just seems like I was re-realizing it this weekend. But I just have to say that my kids are lucky to grow up having so many people that automatically love them, even if it is just because they are family.


Jensen family said...

That's kinda the same with mine and Erik's fam. I have a few family in the state let alone Utah and he's got a ton! Great for the kids! What a cute pumpkin walk, wish CH would do one!

Dianne said...

I love Eva's coat. Your comment about E.T. made me laugh. We went to the pumpkin walk yesterday in the snow with Jessi's kindergarten class. It was super cold but Halloween just wouldn't be right without a trip to the pumpkin walk! Sorry I couldn't help you that night :) and I'm glad it worked out for you.

Anne and Michael Whyte said...

Haha.. when I turned 16, the only piece of dating advice I got was, "Well, just be sure you aren't related before you kiss him."

That excluded most of the boys in high school.

Malea said...

The polynesians have a little saying that Matt and I say all of the time since we both come from big ol families, "who's yo' mudda? who's yo' fadda? ahh we related!"
That pumpkin walk is darling!

Nicole said...

I love the pumpkin walk! Looks like it's even better than when I was little. I guess since the Israelsens and Gutkes both originated in CV, that kinda makes sense that everyone there is related to Karl. Same thing happens when I go to Hurricane. Besides his entire ward being family, whenever I talk to anyone down there, they are related to Nate!

Lindsay said...

The comment about Karl marrying you to be safe that he wasn't marrying a cousin was funny. And how is it that I married into the Gutke family too and have still never done the pumpkin walk!? Or the Easter egg rolling!? I'm totally missing out!

amelia and crew said...

I never wanted to marry anyone from Logan because I knew I'd be related to everyone from here.Turns out it's pretty fun. Luckily,I know I'm not related to Paul because I'm brown. No offense white people.

Therese said...

hi christine. janelle is my little sister. karl is one of my favourite cousins. a few hrs after you left her place, i got a text from janelle: "guess who was at my house last night? karl israelsen." if you're ever in london i would love to 1) have you guys over for dinner and 2) have a playdate with our kids (luca is 5; sofia is 3). i know i would automatically love them.

Nells-Bells said...

this was so great! such a great connection to make. :) i love meeting cousins that i haven't met before. i always thought that being related to "everyone" wasn't so great...but i just absolutely love that i have so much family around. AND get the opportunity to meet such great people like you. the pumpkin walk is awesome and i love that there is an israelsen display every year. xo. :)

Abbigail said...

The pumpkin walk! It has been a few years since I have been to that. I love the pumpkin versions of Grandma and Grandpa! So many relatives, I have that many too on my side it seems. cousins galore. Pretty lucky.

Kathryn said...

I had fun at the Pumpkin Patch with you! Everyone at school gives me a bad time because I know everyone in Smithfield, and I usually have at least one cousin in my class every year.


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