Thursday, October 29, 2009

let's pretend

Let's pretend that it isn't freezing outside now. Let's pretend that there is no snow.

When I take a deep breath and close my eyes, when I know something will hurt and I am trying to think of something positive, when the yoga instructor says to relax...
the image in my head involves me on the beach, sometimes napping, sometimes reading and sometimes looks something like this:
bear lake
and this
bear lake
and this
bear lake
The kids are excited about the snow. Samuel went out and took a big bite. I am not so excited about it. I want summer back.
This is up at Bear Lake. Karl's sister invited us up a while back.
The girls found "the things that look like hot dogs" (cattails) and made a little sculpture of sorts with them. One of the (very outnumbered) boys decided it would be fun to steal them and chuck them in the lake. Just because. I think you have to be a boy to understand stuff like that. Abbi, Ryan, and Kitty, we missed you.
Samuel is trying to give Karl a kiss on the cheek. Samuel did not get Karl's complexion.
Enjoying a happy Utah treat, Fat Boys.
Sand, water and mud fights. They never end until someone is crying. It is just the way it is.
There are a few things you can count on in life. The sun rising is one of them. Another one is "barbecue" (not to be confused with A barbecue) sandwiches with see through potato chips in the yellow bag and rainbow jell-o at family get togethers. Traditions are nice.
The kids all slept in the loft. They chanted for bedtime stories and giggled a lot.
My parents have a new project. It is in Paris. Paris, Idaho. We went and visited.
It has a pink tub and a retro fridge. The pink tub matches the pink everything else about the house. There are few pictures that can make me giggle every single time I look at them. Samuel carrying the heavy slate is one of them. My dad posing in this picture is another one.

I am going to use the Secret. I am going to put this beach on the vision board in my head. If, I mean, when it is suddenly sunny, warm and beach weather, you will have my thoughts to thank.


Lindsay said...

Those beach pictures are so fun...looking at them must totally cheer you up when it's cold and snowy outside. Or maybe it just makes it worse? Either way I really enjoyed them and I especially enjoyed the picture of Grandma's Jell-O. :)
p.s. That's so funny you mention the Secret...Dave and I were really into the whole Secret thing for awhile, until we decided it was a bunch of balogna. ;) If it really worked I know we'd be living at the beach right now!

Abbigail said...

Oh the rainbow jello. I love that almost as much as Bear Lake. I want to be there next time. I am sad for you that you have snow. Yet another reason to come and visit me. No snow. really warm. miss you!

pamela said...

hey, i love rainbow jello too! amazing invention.

and i hope your warm thoughts are working, mine aren't.

Heath'e' said...

Well I think Southern Cali got your message, It was in the 90's yesterday. Too bad you couldn't be here to enjoy a break from the cold. But to me it's BLEH weather for November. I'm going to freeze when we come to Utah for Christmas!
Love your pix too.

Jensen family said...

Is that cabin by sweetwater? I think Erik's Uncles wife family's cabin is right next to it. Is it down a private lane across from the pickleville market?


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