Friday, September 4, 2009

taking on the MN state fair

Meet my team.
We love to eat.
Together we took on:

**10 ears roasted corn
3 orders fried cheese curds
**2 orders fried pickles
2 pickles on a stick
fried walleye
fried catfish
3 spaghetti and meatball on a stick
**3 nitro ice creams
*1 deep fried Snickers
1 caramel apple
*1 bucket of cookies
3 rootbeers
1 cotton candy
*6 pork chops on a stick
*1 pickle dog
2 big fat bacons

Seriously, we ate all of that. We conquered.
(*one star means it was tasty and I would eat it again. **two stars means that I might dream about them tonight.)
Oh, and I guess there were other things to do there, too.
We saw a few animals.
There was a little bit of dancing.
And the boys spend a ton of tickets at this game.
Brother Dennis tried it so many times that the guy ended up "helping" him and said, "No one should have to lose 50 tickets on this."
He got this huge gorilla monkey thing. Katie carried him her shoulders and got a lot of comments.
Too bad Karl couldn't get "helped" either.
The kids also went on a couple of rides.

Food, games, rides, prizes, and even shopping (got Eva a cute dress made in Ghana).
The world's second largest state fair did not let us down.


amelia and crew said...

I'm baffled about the fried pickles. Looks like a very fun day.

Emily said...

Awesome. I love Fair Food.

Abbigail said...

yummy. I havre always wanted to try a deep fried snickers. how about a chocolate covered piece of bacon? That is what Ryan has been talking about. Fun cousin time....

five-one-and-a-half said...

HA HA HA - I guess I should have looked closer the first time. SHHH don't say anything k? :)

Malea said...

Fair food is great. Even better on a stick. I get the fried pickles.I made and tried my first recently. I ate it with some seasoned catfish and guzzled it down with some old fashioned cream soda. It was soo good.

Courtney said...

I love the star ratings. If zagat knew you were rating fair food with stars ...


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