Thursday, July 9, 2009

back to reality

Yes, we just got back from a week long vacation full of beaches, rides, and total overindulgence.  Seems like, somehow, in our almost 10 years of marriage, we have yet to join up in what many would call reality.  I am just starting to feel the impact of this stinky economy so much closer to home.  
Reality is, I had two solicitors yesterday and two solicitors today.
The first was a man from Edward Jones wanting to talk about investing.  
The second was a guy trying to sell cleaning supplies.
The third was a guy offering to cut down trees or whatever else we wanted.
The fourth was a college student from Europe wanting to talk about some learning program for my kids.

Besides the fact that I would rather get a root canal than sell something door to door, these people made me feel so heavy-yucky-sad-afraid-sorry.  I did this when I was a missionary.  But the thing is, that was voluntary.  I had a choice.  If I didn't do it, it didn't mean that I wasn't going to get rent money or food to eat (trust me, I ate).   These people are trying to pay bills by doing this.  I can try and tell myself they like it just to make me feel better.  But who am I trying to kid?

Reality is, I had two friends over today.  All three of us are unsure about when the next lump o' dough is coming in.  Though Karl assures me that it is coming, I still can't help but get anxious that I don't know when or how much.  Don't worry, we aren't heading for a tent city any time soon.  Though my kids would love it, we have many options before that would happen.  I, like my friends, just don't like the un-surety of it all. 

I overheard my friend's nine year old son telling Karl, "2009 is a bad year."  Even the kid knows the reality of this situation.  Kind of sad, right?

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Adri said...

I have had 3 people come to my door one to wash windows, one wants to spray for spiders (which I probably should have done)and the last one wanted to cut my lawn. It's scary times right now.

Nicole said...

Isn't it the truth....

Malea said...

It just occured to me that I don't know where you went on your mission. Anyway, I am pretty excited to see all of you next week! I'm doing desserts, I'll have to purchase something, what do you think I should bring? What sounds good?

Abbigail said...

That is one good thing about the forest, no one comes knocking on your door. I had a ton of people in Ann Arbor. One time a man got really upset and yelling at me through my window because I wouldn't open the door. It was scary.
The economy is a bit shakey right now. I am sorry you guys are dealing with all that crap. My back to reality today was when Gary pissed on my rug.

IH-Texas said...

come live with us! - Amie

Kathryn said...

I am really glad you had the photo for this post as a postnote in January. Somehow I missed this last July. I loved it. What a cute picture. You are really creative.


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